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Belt and Road, open to Boten, next Vientiane then Nong Khai


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Please to note, coming to Nong Khai soon. A missive from MLG's 17th cousin.

Exclusive photos of the 1st empty Chinese VSBLS (very speedy by Lao standards) train, arriving in Boten Laos

I am assured that the antiquated Lao engine, showing the way, on the front of the flash train, is not the one that shuffles across the border at Vientiane friendship bridge, because they have two you see.

Also the newly opened rail line will be used for 'products' at first, or as we know them, freights.

The 1st use of the track to Vientiane/Nong Khai is imminent.






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Whilst the track in those shots, appears to be of good standard, with adequate strength and straightness, built by the Chinese fellas, it's gotta be OK right?

Especially in the hilly, mountainous, gorge, bits of the country?

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