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Health insurance coverage adjusted to attract more long-stay, high-spending elderly expats


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Foreigners aged over 70 living in Thailand under a 1 year non-immigrant O-A visa will now be able to buy health insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 (approximately THB3 million) for medical expenses and treatment of Covid-19, Public Health Deputy Minister Dr Satit Pitutecha said on Tuesday.

The ministry has increased the health insurance limit from THB40,000 for outpatient care and THB400,000 for inpatient care to THB3 million to attract foreigners with high purchasing power to live in Thailand while ensuring their medical expenses are fully covered during their stay.

“This adjustment will contribute to the government’s plan of making Thailand a global medical hub and promote health tourism in the country,” Satit pointed out.

The new rules also facilitate expats who cannot purchase insurance in Thailand and thus face having their applications for extension of stay rejected, as these applications can now use health insurance from abroad or government welfare from abroad. This however must be certified by a relevant government agency, such as a foreign embassy in Thailand or the country’s Foreign Ministry.

Expats can also buy Thai health insurance online via https://longstay.tgia.org, which features 17 Thai insurance companies to choose from...


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