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Happy Ending (Hope for the best fear for the worst)


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Well done Aussie Police, and another stick to bash Abo’s with.

The, mainly, British Press make me sick referring to Cleo as The Australian Madeleine McCann

Mamy differences, the fist being Cleo was taken from a caravan when sh was sleeping with her parents where as Maddie was taken from a holiday villa whilst her parents had left her alone ( a 6 year old in a foreign country no less) to go on the lash with their mates

 Now Maddie’s parents are saying this “gives them hope”, what planet are they on Cleo was missing for 18 days, Maddie has been missing for over 14 years

UK Police have spent / wasted £20 Million on Maddie whereas a few years earlier there was the case of Ben Needham who went missing in Greece and never found, they spent £1 Million on him. Is this because Portugal is better for Police Jollies than Greece or maybe Maddie’s Parents are Middle Class, Father a Consultant Cardiologist and Mother a Doctor (General Practitioner) whereas Bens parents were a 21 year old unmarried couple from a Northern England Housing Estate, you see the picture..

Again, Kudos to Aussie Police and I bet doll sales will fall significantly amongst the Abo population.

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