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Corona parties to infect eachother


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We always joke about stupid things in Thailand. But this eats the cake.

In the Netherlands people are now organizing corona parties to infect each other so they get a proof of recovery as they refuse to vaccinate. My mouth fell open when I read this. There are even people putting up advertisements on marktplaats (the Dutch Ebay) offering 50 euro to a person with corona to come and infect them.

Human stupidity really is showing during this crisis.

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That ranks with the Trumpanzees in 'America who are now advocating, getting the vaccine and then having a special bath, with amongst other things, Borax, in it, to leach out the vaccine and the nano molecules (  🤣  ), so they can say, they've had the vaccine, but they can tell their friends, they got rid of it... un-vaccinate!

rocks in their heads

But then they'll still be vaccinated   🤣  

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