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Hua Lamphong 'will have to close'


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The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) will eventually have to stop operating train services from Hua Lamphong station, as the land on which the station is located might have to be cleared to make way for commercial development, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said on Monday.

The land's commercial development is expected to bring in 800 billion baht over 30 years, which the SRT needs considering it is currently about 600 billion baht in the red, he said before a meeting with SRT on the matter.

A subsidiary of SRT called SRT Asset Co will carry out the commercial development of Hua Lamphong station, he said, adding this subsidiary will also handle the redevelopment of other plots belonging to the SRT, including Thon Buri station, Mae Nam station, and the Royal City Avenue.

Hua Lamphong station, which has served as the city's main rail hub for 105 years, is scheduled for decommissioning in late December.

A SRT source said rail services at Hua Lamphong will cease on Dec 23. The plan sparked outrage as Bang Sue Grand Station, which will function as Bangkok's main rail hub from then onwards, isn't as well-connected to Bangkok's inner-city areas. ...



This is no surprise, SEA playbook: Developer wants land, developer gets land, developer gets huge money to develop land.

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Nua Lamphong is an iconic building and should not be knocked down. Imagine the uproot if, say, Grand Central in New York was demolished to make way for a mega Walmart store, there would be uproar.

Also how can SRT sell it off, the clue is in the name it is STATE, owned by the people, I thought only private companies or Governmemts were allowed to sell off assets not a Government Department.

adisgusting move.

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Yep, they're at it in Laos too.

Where I rented an apartment in Ban Fai, the local govt has evicted 32 families and the police have transported them, to some land about 2 hours out of town, rubbish land of course. 

Why? because the land they've lost,  is in the middle of town and a Chinese developer wants it.

S.E.A. ...

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