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The CIS Prefix


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Is it just me, or are other people getting pissed off wt being referred to as Cisgender or Cismale.

To me CIS means Commonwealth of Independent States, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc not some old Latin prefix for “The Same Side”

The term was introduced by the LBGT Community to differentiate between Trans (The Other Side in Latin) and non Trans. We already have a word MALE to denote such, no need to go adding Prefixes which 97% of the population never asked for and never knew we had the need to have such.

How can a minority (approx 3%) dictate to me, give me a label and stick me in a Pigeonhole, they have forced an unwanted term onto others, and determining my own identity.

They can go and wave their Rainbow Flags, Stick their pricks up each other’s arses,  rests up as women and so on, no skin off my nose, as long as they don’t bother me. But giving me a label I don’t need is going to far.

Rant Over


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