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So few remain - however remain emotionally attached to thai360.com.


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Long time no see dddave 

Icons etc all change over a year back when KS changed the Board software. 
Even though your post count is retained from previous, the post count for status was reset to zero when updated, meaning of the icons is listed Here

There was a little thread discussing changes Here


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I just popped in, like some others it would seem, to reminisce about Suadum but it's really nice to see a few familiar names back here again.  

Seeing Flashermac up there took me back to the first gatherings I attended with the veterans of soc.culture.thai and then on to asfo and the first 'convention' (there were 3 of us) before all that really took off and every weekend became party time.  Nanaplaza, Nanapong ...... we were truly blessed.

I was doing OK in Bangkok before all that, working with a couple of old hands who led me into a lot of trouble!  The internet took things to a totally different level though, met some of the finest people I've ever met and made some of the best mates I could wish for.

Marvellous times, jumpers for goalposts .........

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