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TikTok moderator sues over 'psychological trauma'


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I'm interested to know the opinions of the assembled wise old heads here:

vis - not just the story posted below, but the future of these social giants.

My view is that they are publishers. Just because they've found a way to publish a gazillion items of content, does not remove their culpability as publishers under existing laws in most countries.

This story of the Tiktok moderator indicates they are worried about their culpability.

Facebook have already thrown in the towel with their Meta crappy red herring. Wot yer reckon?


TikTok moderator sues over 'psychological trauma'

A former TikTok moderator is suing the company, claiming it failed to protect her mental health after "constant" exposure to traumatic video content.

Candie Frazier says she reviewed videos that featured "extreme and graphic violence" for up to 12 hours a day.

She says she suffers from "significant psychological trauma", including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

TikTok says it strives to promote "a caring working environment"...


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Maybe if Tik-Tok didn’t publish such crap as The Penny Challqnge she wouldn’t have to suffer videos of kids electrocuting themselves 

As for publisher responsibility, the argument between “Platform and Punlisher is a mute point” you must be referring to US Section 230, which generally provides immunity for websites and platforms with respect to third party content. Fortunately all the world does not bow to US laws, no matter how much the US thinks it does.

The European Union has Directive2000/31/EC and Electronic Commerce Directive 2000

The UK has the above plus Defamation Act 2013

Other countries also have there own laws, guidelines and precedents set in recent court hearings 

You could quite easily disappear down a Rabbit Hole on this topic.


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