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Russian Tourist Assaulted After Refusing To Pay Entrance Fee


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Ticket seller Mangkorn Hinmai, 57, said he asked the couple to leave the property after the two Russians ignored the 50-baht entrance fee sign written in Thai and English. The couple continued to take photos, so he pulled Kuzmenko’s arm, which she responded by screaming at and hitting him in the head. Mangkorn fought back and a quarrel ensued.

Police eventually charged Mangkorn with assault on Monday night.


“I have my own instinct as well. I’m Thai and won’t let a foreigner kill me at home,” Mangkorn said.


I propose an alternative headline:

Aged influencing hopeful, finds small attention, in scrapping with local poor man.

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8/10 for “Sad Face” pose

The Daily Mail would be proud of that one


PS for influencing hopeful read “Cheap Tart” come on Coss you know by know todays females are either “Influencers or Models” their Male equivalents are all “ Upcoming Rappers” and anyone over the age of 25 is a “Businessman” unless they can hold a screwdriver then an “Engineer” 

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31 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Indonesia/malaysia/sillypore, same price for everyone, oops, no that's wrong, elderly get a discount regardless of nationality


Fuck Thailand pricing

But this wasn’t a National Park etc it was Private Property and the sigh clearly stated same price of 50THB for everybody. 



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