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2022 EPL Season


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City have pretty much sewn up the league. Looks like Chelsea and Liverpool are playing for runner up and 3rd. The Arsenal, Man Utd, Tottenham and West Ham...yes, the 'Ammers lol are firmly in it. Happy for them. Palace is kinda my 2nd team but West Ham are an old storied club with a nice working class background with fans so happy for them. 

Anyway, Arsenal has perhaps the biggest turnaround in any season. From relegation fodder after a month, last in the league, to a top 4 contender in 5 months. Perhaps unprecedented. Things could still go bad but at this point its astounding. 

I am cheering for Vieira at Palace. I have been to Selhurst Park. Not for a football match but my first stay in London was at a hotel near the grounds while I was in uni. 

Anyway, the fight for the top 4 to 6 places, the European competition places is red hot. The league cup is especially competitive this season and I must mention Arsenal again, who fought off Liverpool with 10 men to get a draw at Anfield. Xhaka, left alone because of the defense as the last man does what Xhaka does and gets a red card. The team performance after is nothing short of brilliant and they managed to threaten Liverpool once or twice. 

Arsenal did with 10 men what Sparta needed 300 to do. 

I'd be remiss not to mention Newcastle becoming yet another club with a sugar daddy and it will likely see them in the top 4 within a few years with the massive spending they will no doubt do and a title within half a dozen years or so is my guess. That's usually how it works. It takes a while for the money to do some good. 

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