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20 hours ago, Mekong said:

They can be traced back to 1922 and the formation of the USSR.

Why did Warren G Harding allow Lenin and the Bolshevik’s to overthrow the   Russian Provisional Government. Why did he allow the rise of the Red Army to overthrow the White Guard and sign the Peace of Riga treaty.

Oh no, that doesn’t suit your agenda Harding was a Republican, so could do no wrong in your eyes and it must all be the democrats fault

Learn some history.

How long was Harding president? He dies in 1923...so yes, you need to learn some history...and what was the UK up to????


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What has this got to do with the UK? It was you who brought your childish “Republican Good, Democrat Bad” rhetoric to yet another discussion

Have you forgotten Trump freezing $400 Million in aid to Ukraine

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Kong, you missed a bit...

Wherein the board scholar Cav, equates length of term, as a U.S.President, with events in foreign lands.

Cav thinks that your statement  "...Warren G Harding allow Lenin and the Bolshevik’s to overthrow the Russian Provisional Government..." is null because Harding was President for 2 years until his death.

Kind of like this statement:

Trump was never any good because Henry VI, King of England (second reign) was only king for 6 months and 9 days.

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Ahhh - White Russian civil war where some Aussies won a few VC's - not much marching on ANZAC day remembering that


SWIFT it's not viable


Someone suggested ICAAN revokes .ru - ICAAN correctly said "You're nuts"


Note Germany etc all still getting and paying for at $150 million a day for gas and oil


That's not so obvious in the propaganda


Best of all I love every headline - We will seize Putin's own wealth


Yeah - good luck with that, no one knows how much, where, if, it exists


Ukraine remains having air force control, the USA Stinger missles seem to scare Russie


30Km long column sitting there for 2 days 30km out of Kiev -


This is a bit of a phoney war


Deaths should be much higher,


I suspect Putin is negotiating, he's fucked it up a bit,


Pensioners who love him, now face rampant inflation.


Loan rates up to 20%


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Wot you said....

Also in the calculation, how much of Putin's army equipment is he prepared to lose, perhaps he's sending, the older, broken already, dunger, trucks n tanks...

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