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Fixing up a house that has ghosts


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I’ll find out if cash beats ghosts in a couple of months. I’ll be in Chiangmai 3 September until 31 October.  The first thing that I’ll do is stop by the house and see for myself if it’s worth sinking 500,000 to 1,000,000 baht to fix it up.  If it is, I’ll pay my respects to my wife’s ex and ask him, as a favor to the person that helped his daughter to graduate from Pharmacy school in the U.S., to not haunt his house.  When the contractor shows up for his first day of work, I’ll go around with 500,000 baht in my hand, hitting every wall with that wad of cash. Just like merchants do after their first sale of the day. Thereafter, it will be known as the “lucky house.”

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Please do let us know, how this goes.

I have a not dissimilar problem, in that: Our house in Vientiane is still unfinished.

By choice it is, because I know, that if it's going to cost X to put a concrete wall around the property, it'll coat 1.5 X to us, because:

A/.  Farang is paying

B/. Farang in another country is paying.

So we've being stockpiling cash, for when we can visit and supervise the proceedings. And direct the work, to one of our trusted relatives, rather than one of our, more sly, ones.

An unintended consequence of this, is we've stockpiled enough to do the house and now have also purchased a couple of: hectare properties, on the city environs as well, known internally as the Bamboo Farm and the Forest.  

At ~250k bht each, I wonder if these are good buying, given the superbly unstable outlook, for the future of private land ownership, under a communist regime.

Got to chance one's arm periodically.

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