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Seven stages of Monger Grief


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As it's the Monger's relationship to the world of people, in discussion, relationships seems to be the best repository for this:

As Mongers age, a few realities start to occur. Initially a blue pill will fix all issues. Then vigorous attention to detail, with exercise regimes and good eating and/or other health pursuits are evident.

There are some who vary the targets for their affections, though as they quickly find out, singing loudly "There'll never be another Ewe...", in the countryside at night, can attract, protective attention and domiciling.

So the Seven stages of Monger Grief:

1:: Stunned Mullet on face,  not the haircut, the look of shock and disbelief when the Monger realises that the lovely Jahliyah, is no longer attainable.

2:: A concerted campaign, to repeat the nights of frolicking, of the past, a denial of reality.

3:: Returning from frolicking re-enactments, an expression of furtiveness and guilt becomes the permanent face of the Monger.

4:: If people near the monger have not noticed, anything out of the ordinary, they soon see, anger and bargaining as a modus operandi, of the affected individual.

5:: Feeling alone, the Monger comes depressed and is often found, near Japanese Koi Ponds or similar places of reflection.

6:: Most, will now attempt, to examine, the previous five stages, reconstructing the details for confirmation.

7:: At this point acceptance, will be achieved. Peace and rest, smile on dial.

8:: Planning for evening trip to Soi Cowboy, preferably in the company of a compatriot from earlier years, in the hope that a representative from the village of the lovely Jahliyah, can be found.

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