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How was your Songkran 2022?


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Very much reduced up here in the Khon Kaen (Isaan) area.

A few small children throwing water. The 20 rai field that usually held the Songkrans of past, totally empty.

My household had some small packages of presents to give to the older folks in the moo baan. Small items like powder, bottles of water, etc.

Ohhh, I'm one of the old folks now 55555555555

The small presents were well received. We also had a large bowl with water and flower petals in it which we would respectfully pour small amounts over the old folk hands and feet.

Yesterday, a pickup truck with a huge speaker blaring out Thai music with about 20 Thais dancing and following the truck. They had a "baht tree" which people donated 20 to 100 baht, clipping the money on to "branches" of the tree.
The truck and all the people ended up at the local wat. Music still blaring and then the beer and bottles of lao kao made their appearances...at the wat...OK, TIT.

Today, quiet. Looks like Songkran has been completed...swadee pi mai!!!

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About 500 people at the Lao temple, here in Auckland, much food, restrained water distribution and many, many girls of age, strutting their traditional Chut Thai (Lao = Sin) dress.

I would estimate that a good 50% of the female participants were 8 on a 10 point scale or better.







And two bearded and beanied, skinny hipster white dudes, so afraid of all the feminine pulchritude, that they sat in a corner the grounds, furiously trying to wear through the glass on their phones with their thumbs. ...They'll never breed. 

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Friday night we had a giant speaker/ sound system, complete with karaoke. 

I like Caraboa and them to play some... to my amazement the two karaoke singers knew every song!

My bad... I snuck over and dialed in Watchtower, Hendrix version 5555

Then I stepped back so we could back to Thai music. Great evening!!!

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