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Apple to discontinue the iPod after 21 years


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Got my first and only iPod a 4th Generation Click 40 Gb, in late 2004, it blew my mind that I could have up to 8,000 tunes in my pocket. For someone like me who loves music and was living out of a suitcase Contracting around the Middle East at the time it was an answer to all my dreams.

Even when I got my first iPhone in 2007 I still had my iPod due to the iPhones limited memory at the time, and continued to use it up until about 2017 when the 128Gb iPhone 7 was introduced.

13 years of using it without it ever missing a beat, damn good work horse. Still got it, sat in my “retired shit and leads you don’t throw away just in case” drawer





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Was never into 8 Track, the sound quality was iffy, tapes wore out quickly, limited selection of titles available, and, the Mai factor, price. An 8 Track player would have cost more than the cars I was driving at 17 years old.

Always Cassette tapes for mobile music, never pre recoded always recorded from my own, or borrowed from mates, albums, and later on CD’s. 
Also NO MIX TAPES, some kids at school spent hours putting together mix tapes in order to woo or impress the gals….Fucking Sad Cunts…. 

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