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Getting a Thai passport in Oz

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So everyone's passports it's seems have expired


I have to say getting a Thai passport in Thailand is very easy and simple process


However in Oz I've been worried


All the local consulates have closed, and the Thai Consulate in Canberra isn't processing passports, so it's everyone go to Sydney


The waiting time is over 2 months!


But all you need is your old passport,


I have been very dubious but 2 family members that's all they took and they got their new passports processed


The 2 months booking time though is a long wait!


Try calling the Thai Embassy in Canberra - that's a joke

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Just before the old one expired.

It got so mired in the mud, MLG had to get a member of the government in Laos, to tell the Canberra staff to cease and desist, to send the passport back to NZ from Canberra so she could go to Laos and do it there with no issues.

We even paid a donation to the Canberra crowd.

They do a semi annual visit to the NZ Laos tempe in Auckland, as they are supposed to have NZ under the Aus wing.

Next time they come I'll be cornering the bloke and asking for my donation back.

Curiously, I get some small respect at the temple, on account of my wife's family name.

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