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Thai 60 day tourist visa

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Business partner in the only respect that matters, splitting the profits.  Plus, I get someone that keeps an eye on the house (as does her nephew who lives across the street and niece and her husband that live next to the nephew.  That involves keeping the gras cut, trees trimmed, the inside cleaned every 3-4 months, the sprinkler system working and the termite company in once a month to spray.  Legally, I do have a contract signed.  I didn’t apply for a work visa over the apartments but I’m also not applying for a work permit this September and October, as I plan on working on my house, my wife’s house that she inherited and our 1 bedroom house in Saraphi that I gave her as a wedding present.  I guess that I’m not much different than the digital nomads that come to Thailand and work on their computers.  I admit that I’m much too trusting.  Eventually, I’d like to put house and land in my son’s name.  He can do whatever he wants to do with house after I croak.  I trust him enough to respect my wishes.  As far as who owns the house, as long as no one contests my staying there and I can eventually die there in peace, that’s all I care about.  Knowing Thai culture, no one is going to want the house with my spirit inhabiting it anyway.  I probably wouldn’t be a friendly ghost. 

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So not a Business Partner under Thai Law then, the only thing that matters in Thailand if things go tits up and it goes to litigation.

  • Who pays tax on the income from properties, does she pay all before profit share or only pay tax on her own profits?
  • Since you own the apartments why not use one of those address for Visa Application, since you own 49% you will have Tabien Baan for each of them
  • The reason why your “Business Partner” takes care of the house is to look after her own investment, she is the owner you only lease it, don’t for one minute fool yourself about friendship or goodness of heart.

The only thing you said that makes sense is “Much Too Trusting” too many loose ends for my liking, but it is your life.



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5 hours ago, dean said:

  I guess that I’m not much different than the digital nomads that come to Thailand and work on their computers.  

You do realise in most instances Digital Nomads require a Business Visa and Work Permit in Thailand don’t you.

Digital Nomads

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One thing you can do here in Thailand, don’t know if defined as Digital Nomad or not, is play the Stock Market since it is defined as an investment and not work, so no work permit required.

The wife has been at it for a few years now, she started in Vietnam to keep busy during the day when I was at work, I started after about 12 months ago. Won’t get super rich put of it, but since home is paid for average returns more than cover cost of Juristic Fees, Utilities bills and Food with some left over. Sure better than touching savings

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Yesterday, I received an email from the Thai Consulate in Chicago, stating I had made a mistake on my application and it was being denied.  They said the name that I use on the application has to be the same as the one on the Passport. My last name starts with a “D” and they said I used “O” instead.  I don’t know the number of times that I’ve typed my full name but if you look at a keyboard, the letter “D” is on the left side and “O” is on the right side.  It’s not like I hit “F” or “S” which are next to “D.”  
pits not like I can check the old application because they deleated it.  When I E filled for the visa, I assumed, incorrectly, that I could change any portions of the application after filing, like the letter of residence that was required.  They want me to start completely over, which should take me at least 90 minutes to do.  I’m assuming that they want me to pay the $40 again.  These assumptions are made because I can’t get ahold of anyone there by phone or email.  They lost my business. I’ll dispute the $40 charge with my credit card company and handle the extra 30 days that I need at immigration, in person.  If I need an airline ticket that shows me leaving within 30 days, I’ll buy a fully refundable one way ticket to a neighboring country.   
I’d hate to see how Thailand treats it’s unwelcome tourists, if this is how they try to jumpstart their big reopening campaign.  

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