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Polar Bears


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This article got my attention. Vis a vis global warming and the marketing around such. I'm not arguing global warming here, I want to examine what the public have been told and what they believe about Polar Bears.

Firstly, we've all been told that Polar Bears absolutely depend on sea ice, to hunt seals. No sea ice = no food  ∴  dead Polar Bears.

The town of Churchill in Hudson Bay  nicknamed "Polar Bear Capital of the World" has existed in one form or another for hundreds of years, trading in furs and whale blubber and such. The Polar Bears have come to associate this settlement with food so much so that you can fly there for Polar Bear Tours. This also makes for a good base for studies. Warm place with beer (glug glug) at night, to base your studies from.

Some time ago there was a study (links needed) that investigated all the Yeti and Abominable Snowman relics and did DNA analysis on any that could be found including those that were held by Tibetan Monasteries and so on. What they found was that most were Brown Bear (Grizzlies are Brown Bear) or a hybrid between Polar and Brown bears.

This of courses means that either Polar Bears travel south from the Arctic to mate with Brown bears, or that Brown Bears travelled north to mate in the Arctic. So Polar Bears at the very least encountered Brown Bears, probably not on sea ice.

Then this article comes along and notes that: the population studied uses fresh water ice to hunt seals and does not roam like other populations,  "The polar bears were found to be physically and genetically distinct from other species, which researchers believe is because they are hemmed in by mountains, the Denmark Strait, the East Greenland coastal current and the Greenland Ice Sheet."

and  - "Unlike other polar bears, the community also prefers to stay in one place, rather than venturing far over sea-ice to hunt. Satellite tracking showed that when 27 bears accidentally floated 193km on ice floes caught in a coastal current, they swam to land and walked back home."

If you look at the below map you'll note that there are vast areas of land adjacent to the Arctic Circle that the bears can utilise.

I think that the loss of Sea Ice in the Arctic Circle is going to result in more Yetis.




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35 minutes ago, khunsanuk said:


Lying implies that it was done intentionally. This is more a case of new evidence resulting in new theories.
Knowing that continued burning of oil and gas will result in massive global climate change and denying it, that would be lying.


 Now you are lying, “The Continued burning of Oil and Gas will result in massive global climate change” is an incorrect statement it should read “The Continued burning of Fossil Fuels without utilizing Carbon Capture Technology will result in massive some global climate change”

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