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Capital on alert for monkeypox


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City Hall is on full alert for monkeypox infections in at-risk areas in the capital, including locations where foreign tourists gather in large numbers.

Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt on Monday called a meeting of City Hall executives to discuss preparations for monkeypox infections after the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Saturday declared monkeypox as "A Public Health Emergency of International Concern".

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Chadchart said that public health personnel will be educated about the disease while health service centres, clinics and hospitals in Bangkok will be instructed to watch out for anyone suspected of contracting the disease.

The Thai Hotels Association will also be asked to tell all hotels in Bangkok to look out for and report suspected cases to City Hall's district offices, Mr Chadchart said.

However, a close watch is being kept on at-risk communities, such as in Soi Nana where Nigerian nationals gather."

The Ministry of Public Health on Sunday raised surveillance measures nationwide in response to the WHO's announcement.

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  • Scaremongering and complete xenophobia, there are a lot more Thais than Foreigners so why highlight Nana Plaza?
  • Nigerians tend to hang out on Soi 3/1 and Soi 11 not Soi 3 or 4
  • The Nigerian who had Monkeypox had been in Thailand for over a year, he did not contract the disease overseas but in Thailand, so statistically more chance of getting from a Thai
  • Monkeypox has never been detected in Bangkok.
  • Anutin blaming “Dirty Foreigners” again. Can Thailand just accept responsibility rather than looking to blame others, yet again.
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And whilst we are aware that Monkey Pox is spread by skin to skin contact, not just sex contact, data suggests it it spreading primarily in the male gay community.

The white, right and Christian, folk will be pleased.

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PHUKET: A Thai man has tested negative for monkeypox after developing symptoms similar to the disease, a senior provincial public health official said on Thursday.

Provincial public health chief Kusak Kukiatkoon said lab tests conducted on the 40-year-old and received by the office in Phuket on Thursday had found he was not infected with monkeypox.

The Phuket native is receiving treatment at Vachira Phuket Hospital after suffering a high fever and developing blisters on his body.

The hospital said on Wednesday his medical history showed he had had chickenpox. He said he had not been in close contact with foreigners or engaged in paid sex.


So they are still saying Monkeypox is only spread by “Dirty Foreigner” and if you have a free fuck you won’t catch it

Imagine a BG if the punter says “If you have sex with me for free neither of us will catch Monkeypox”

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I've known bar girls that would believe that, especially with a "Gets Free Sex" amulet worn.

Like the one who was shocked when she tried to get big money for the 1,000 yen note she'd thought was, like a thousand dollars.


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Name it, WHO looking fo a new name...


Poxy McPoxface, submitted by Andrew Yi 

OPOXID-22, submitted by Harvard Medical School emergency physician Jeremy Faust

One of the more popular submissions so far is Mpox

Another proposal, TRUMP-22, appeared to be refer to former US president Donald Trump who used the controversial term "Chinese virus" for the new coronavirus, although its author said it stood for "Toxic Rash of Unrecognised Mysterious Provenance of 2022".


  • Haha 1
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