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Enforcement of Thailand’s new safety belt law pending edict from police


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3 hours ago, Mekong said:


I was always under the assumption that a “427” referred to capacity and not a specific engine. 

AFAIK both Chevy and Ford manufactured a 427 so how to distinguish between them when just saying a 427

It’s like in the rest of the world saying, say, a 3.0 Litre only defines capacity and not whether an Audi, Benz, Ford, Porsche, Subaru etc 3.0 Litre 

Going from my broken memory, Ford was 428 and is cubic inch capacity.

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On 8/21/2022 at 10:51 AM, cavanami said:


Now if Thailand would implement a drivers' education program...like start when the children are still in school...like the rest of the world does...

Doesn't happen in Oz


Wish it did though


Thailand doesn't have "L" plates for learners which is just weird and makes learning a liability nightmare


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My son will sit his driving test in a few months time


Requires 100 hours of driving, 10 hours at night, supervised obviously by a licensed driver.


Requires passing 20 hours of online study before you can sit the L plate exam


Requires passing a written exam before getting a L plate (allowing him to drive, exam covers road rules sFETY ETC)


Requires passing another written test before he can get a P plate. Plate allows him to drive by himself. zero alchohl, no music while dirving 

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Schools don’t have time to teach driving, to busy telling pupils they can choose their sex and about which adjectives to use.

Australia is one of the toughest countries in the world to pass a Driving Test, UK is 16th. I would probably fail my test today, picked up too many habits in the 41 years since I passed it, but TBH the whole test is different nowadays Then and Now

On the Thai test, one tale I will never tire of telling happened about 20 years ago when my mates wife took her test in afore mentioned car park, and must have demolished every single traffic cone. After her test we saw her handing a few bank notes to the examiner and walk towards us smiling with a pass certificate.

My mate and I were pissing herself, and between fits of giggles he eventually said I saw you bribe him”, to which she replied with a total straight face “No, that not Tea Money, it was money to pay for the comes I damaged” 


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A " 427 "  is the 7 Litre big block Ford Cobra-engine. There is also a Chevy 427 but a true petrolhead would only think of a Carol Shelby product and possibly a 427 Chrysler Hemi. I am in tears as I am typing, gentlemen. Soon all this will be over and the cars sound like a coffeegrinder or a hairdryer.



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