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If, like me you like to have 'yourname@email.provider', to prevent others using your name, you may like to check out the DuckDuckGo email addresses. https://duckduckgo.com/email/

I got 'myname@duck.com' - it appears to be forwarding set up, where they take any email addressed to 'myname@duck.com' and strip/block all tracking and other nefarious goings on, before forwarding it to your preferred email address.






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email tracking is either via a read receipt or tracking pixels.

Read receipts can either be turned off by email provider settings and/or via email client such as Outlook or Apple Mail or for Mac users.

Tracking Pixels can be blocked by disabling image loading in emails, “Load Remote Images” - OFF. Since tracking is usually done by marketers and salespeople so no great loss, and even it you wish to load images just don’t click on the one of a size of about 25 bit, or some other ridiculous small image, that’s a tracking pixel. if email is from a trusted source just manually load them.

Duck.com is not automatic, you have to add the companies you wish to use the protected email address to a list which seems a pain compared to turning off read receipts and stopping automatic image loading.

Won’t be getting used in the Mekong household.


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3 hours ago, Coss said:

I just wanted the email address, rather than having to get 'myname376' in the future if I decide I want it.

You will have to be quick,

Once I received the invite code, I was prompted to enter the Duck email address and the forward to address. Because I was an early adopter, I thought I could reserve "john@duck.com," but someone beat me to it. I ended up snagging a three-letter email address, though, which was pretty neat - very easy to share with people and type into forms.  From Here

Quite happy with my existing email address TBH, just my surname and two numbers which are year of birth which works for me

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