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4 Bangkok Cabbies Land Themselves In Trouble As Tourist Police Launch Crackdown


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Tourist Police Launched A Crackdown Against Bad Bangkok Cabbies On Monday And Immediately Arrested Four For Violating The Law.

The clampdown on taxi drivers has been launched to protect both passengers and Thailand’s reputation, Tourist Police spokesman Pol Maj-General Apichat Suriboonya said.

He added that the 1155 Tourist Police hotline has recently received a spate of complaints, with many Bangkokians saying they were left stranded in the rain because cabbies refused them.

Apichat said this “lack of professionalism” is damaging Thailand’s reputation and undermining its competitiveness in the global tourism market.

On Monday, four cabbies were arrested – two on Khao San Road and two near Siam Square shopping complex in the centre of Bangkok.

Of the cabbies caught in Khao San, one refused to take passengers, while the other demanded a higher fare and refused to use the metre. The two taxi drivers near Siam Square were arrested for refusing passengers.

All four reported admitted to the allegations and paid fines.

“All Tourist Police units have been tasked with closely monitoring taxi drivers to ensure they follow the law and do not take advantage of passengers,” Apichat said. “Offences such as refusing passengers, refusing to use the metre, overcharging and leaving passengers stranded will result in the highest punishment by law.”



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