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New self-drive tourism manual for ASEAN countries available for travelers


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A new self-drive tourism manual for ASEAN is now available, containing important details and need-to-know information on driving in each of the region’s member countries, as well as suggested touring routes.The self-drive guidebook is aimed at encouraging those tourists who would like to explore highlights and second-tier destinations of ASEAN countries – Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam – by driving themselves safely and enjoyably. The information in the guidebook is also designed to help self-drive travelers create their own itineraries.

The guidebook provides the following information:
– Visa and entry requirements;
– Permits for vehicles;
– Cross-border procedures;
– Code of conduct / and Dos and Don’ts for self-drive tourism;
– Emergency calls for tourists;
– COVID-19 situation and vaccine passport website link;
– Left/right-hand drive;
– Recommended routes.

The guidebook was collaboratively developed by the 10 ASEAN countries, and is an initiative under the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) 2016-2025. It is now available for free download via the link https://drive.google.com/…/1JzzZ3hKq9T1zPC1DEywP…/view.   LINK

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