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Wealthy foreigners can own Thai land


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But wait! there's more:


Thai Administrative Court asked to block foreigners from acquiring land.

Mongkolkit Suksintaranont, list MP of the Thai Civilized Party, together with nine party members asked the Supreme Administrative Court to overthrow the cabinet’s decision to allow foreigners to acquire land in the country.

The group opposed the resolution of the cabinet which on Oct 25 approved the Interior Ministry’s regulations to allow wealthy foreigners to buy land to attract foreign investment to the country. They sought the court’s injunction against the resolution pending its ruling on the policy.

Mr Mongkolkit said the ministerial regulations might violate Section 1 of the Constitution which prohibited the separation of the kingdom. The territorial separation would affect people’s rights and benefits, he said.

The cabinet’s resolution would also prompt landlords to raise the prices of land and wealthy foreigners could buy such land plots, develop their communities and prohibit Thais from entering their land, Mr Mongkolkit said.

He also said that next week he would gather the signatures of people nationwide to seriously oppose the policy of the government.




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"territorial separation"

What fucking planet is this guy on?

"and prohibit Thais from entering their land"

Or charge Thais a higher price to enter, which of course would be a despicable, racist thing to do. Certainly not anything a Thai person/company/government would ever do to foreigners.


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Thailand is 513 SQKM which equates to (trust my maths) over 312 Million Rai.

Now just imagine 100,000 Foreigners (as if) stump up USD 1 Million each to purchase 1 Rai of land then 0.032% of land held by foreigners, that is 40SQKM 

What about reciprocal agreements, Thais own land in UK, USA, Australia and other Western countries, in the  UK they even get to the very fabric of society by owning Football Clubs, Thaksin owned Manchester City and Srivaddhanaprabha family (King Power) own Leinster City FFS even the most up market department Store “Selfridges” is 50% owned by Thailands Central Group, That’s right Selfridges is to all intents and purposes “Central Knightsbridge” Oh, but it is OK for Thais to buy up things in foreign lands but heaven forbid a foreigner ho wishes to buy here

Obviously Mongkolkit Suksintaranont is a xenophobe who doesn't own a calculator, or if he does cannot use it

I wish the UK government had the balls to repossess all Thai owned businesses and land and told them they can’t own until an even playing field.No chance from a government which escorts dingies full over immigrants across the channel puts them up in four star hotels and pays them social security.

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But you don’t need PR to buy land, with view to developing, in Australia only Foreign Investment Review Board Approval

AFAIK you can purchase more than 1600 SQM (1Rai) and don’t need to deposit USD 1 Million for a few years.

I would not call Aus “Similar” to Thailand by any stretch of the imagination.

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No you can't buy land or a house with out having the right visa's, which aren't easy tp get


it's gotten harder, 


A chinese bloke has had to sell his $24Million home because he didn't have the right residency visa's.


Buy off the plan, no problems


Countries around the world hate foreigners, whoever that might be, buying land


Except Europe, where you can get a 1 Euro home in some places


Housing in France etc is pretty cheap compared to Oz, or Thailand even if you go rural

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6 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:



Except Europe, where you can get a 1 Euro home in some places


Housing in France etc is pretty cheap .......


The 1 € homes are for sale somewhere in Italy at godforsaken places where they realistically would have to pay people to settle.

The same for your " cheap " places in France. Nothing is cheap on the property market unless there is a reason.



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Thailand not for sale: Cabinet nixes land for rich foreigners

The Thai cabinet on Tuesday backpedaled on a recently announced policy to allow wealthy foreigners to own land. 

Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda said yesterday that his ministry’s proposal to allow noncitizens with deep pockets to own 1 rai (1,600sqm) of land was withdrawn for thorough review due to its “sensitive” nature. 

Although Anupong did not elaborate on what was so “sensitive,” a drumbeat of criticism has grown in the weeks since it was announced that the government was literally “selling off” the country to foreigners. 

In late October, the cabinet gave a green light to the proposal. It would allow foreign nationals to purchase land on the condition they could maintain an eligible investment of at least THB40 million (US$1 million) in Thailand for at least three years.

Voices denouncing the move have grown as Thailand in recent weeks grapples with anxiety over foreign mobsters operating with impunity and even the tacit support of the highest echelons of the power elite.

Foreigners are allowed to own 49% of rooms in a condominium and may be party to companies that own real estate.



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It wouldn’t surprise me if it was dropped to save face after a complete lack of uptake, I mean FFS if one had USD 1 Million you could afford to tie up for 3 years there are far better things (and places) to do than to buy a proxy 1 Rai (Less then half a Football Field for out American friends) in Thailand.

Personally, if I had USD 1 MillionI would be looking to live elsewhere 

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I coulda set my cap for Thailand, my ex-wife was willing to make the required representations with family, land and village etc. to get me some sort of marriage residence.

But the constant reports of going cap in hand, to the authorities to report and give them buckets of photocopies, of stuff they already have, put me off.

Fate smiled on me and pushed me out into the road, and thence into glare of the headlights,  of MLG who, for some reason, reciprocated my feelings.

As it is, there is a possibility of a marriage visa in Laos and with MLG's government connections, it should be relatively easy, a chore, but a smooth one.

However, USD600 gets you a work visa with an employer for a year and you can come and go like a butterfly, so the delights and attractions of LOS are but a train, bus, or drive, from Laos. Then $600 next year and so on.

So yes, if I had a million dollars I'd not only live in Laos, but have a beach shack in Cambodia or Burma.

2 more years and I'll be Laos permanently-ish. MLG has made great strides in getting the house tiled, 'lectricted and so on. She's back tomorrow.

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