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Thailand launches rescue operation for 33 missing sailors after navy ship sinks


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6 hours ago, Coss said:

"Warships not being designed to have holes open when the water is coming over the side/bow/front portion."

I didn't say no holes I said,  to have holes open


A Hole is an opening in or through a particular medium, usually a solid body.

Therefore the use of word “Open” to describe an opening is redundant since if it is closed it is no longer a hole 

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I grew up with a 12 foot "Tinny" and a 9.5 hp Evinrude. We used to spend all summer holidays out on the water. We were lunatics. When the swells came through we would ride them in to the bay. On the way out, going against the swell would inevitably result in taking quiet a bit of water on from the spray

Quickest way to empty it was pull out the bung when you were planing on smoother water

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Indeed. So many great memories. Pouring petrol on the sand and lighting it then kicking the sand at each other. Flat out trips to Audley Weir. Girls Church Camps at night over in the Royal National Park

Was fun being a kid in the 70's growing up on the water

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Sometimes we would tilt the motor to make it bounce. If you didn't get it right it would only just make you bog down but done right the results was outstanding 😃

Ours never went this fast though. A lot of the kids these days have 30 and 40 hp motors and the tinnie can reach speeds of up to 90kmh

Forgot how much fun the spraying anchored fisherman was :dunno:


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