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The Return of Khun Short-Time (Part 1)


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December 17, 2022

My last visit to the Land of Smiles was late January 2010.  That’s a lot of nam under the saphan. Also, following that visit I stopped reading forums which were dedicated to keeping Punters informed as to ongoing changes to Thailand’s nightlife.

What sparked my interest in an eventual return visit following the relaxation of Covid lockdown rules and the resumption of tourist visas was the Kingdoms surprise announcement of the ‘Legalization of Marijuana’.  I found that 180 degree turn totally out of step with most Asian countries past draconian laws on illicit drug use - A stunningly progressive step forward in my humble opinion for any nation state.

I read there were no controls on sales of cannabis whatsoever. Enterprising entrepreneurs were selling weed in parking lots and on the Soi’s out of the trunks of cars… This kind of change I just had to see for myself!

My attempts to catch-up on over 10 years of change was hampered by the demise of most of the websites that I once depended on for such information – including the old ASFO list. Seems about the only survivor is Khun Sanuks Thai 360 forum. Unfortunately, it appeared light years since anyone had made any informative contributions there…  The Stickman website also remains, which appears to be something of a takeoff on Trink’s (RIP) old weekly Bangkok Post column – The Night Owl, although not as slick or informative as the original. Still, it does have value. (Please, I’m not trying to start a debate on Trink here.)

But time marches on. My first visit to LOS was December 97 and I had recently turned 46. Fast forward, today, now in my early 70’s this constitutes real change and my age presents challenges to just getting around. I recall one Ihopeyoudo telling me the difficulties he had at the time in just climbing a flight of stairs… Now, although I’m still in pretty good shape, still have real hair on my noggin and a few good teeth in my head, I’m now acutely more appreciative of Ihopeyoudo’s then dilemma.

Still, I’m not ready for a rocking-chair just yet. But before I comment on my recent bar crawls to the Bangkok Farang entertainment venues, let me say a word or two regarding general change and my observations following a 12 year absence.

First, it’s more the same than different. This is less obvious when looking at areas of business devastation left behind in the wake of the Covid lockdowns (Patpong comes to mind here). Far as I know, Thai Air remains grounded. That said, tourism is rapidly returning; hotels long closed are opening (Dynasty Inn just this past week). I see young backpackers (even a few attractive European girls) out and about. More to the point – there are lots of Punters, many (as always) are European.

It’s my understanding more than a few are displeased with the current exchange rate of Euros/Pound Sterling to the Thai Baht. Not to be a smart-ass, but this brings a grin to my mug when I recall some 20 years back when the shoe was on the other foot and the U$D was in the dirt with the Euro on a roll. HaHaHa, HoHoHo, 555, what goes around comes around! Now days, considering the World Geopolitical situation, I’m more concerned about being vaporized prior to my natural demise than any exchange rate fluctuations. Anyway, fellas, it’s better now than it was several months ago when the Euro hit parity with the greenback and briefly even dipped below parity. Ouch!!

The Girls:

Prior to my recent arrival (early December) I had read reports suggesting the current stock of bargirls left something to be desired. That the available girls were for the most part getting a bit long in the tooth, with young stunners in particular painfully absent from the go-go’s. This I found to be somewhat exaggerated. Firstly, I don’t recall there was ever an over-abundance of so called stunners. They were always few and far between. So, don’t be put off by a few negative reports. Read on…

Early the other night I just happened to be sitting in Bigdogs at the entrance of NEP around the time the go-go girls start arriving for work… I can tell you for a fact, in the brief time I was there I saw at least four stunners reporting in – one of which could go toe-to-toe in the looks department with any girl I have ever seen working NEP. Further, these girls were young and yes, they were real girls – NOT ladyboys!! I can’t tell you which bars they work in but they are there. Of course, should you desire to bag a bargirl of this caliber you damn well better get there early, and unless you are a very handsome man indeed, you are gonna have to bite the bullet and cough up whatever fee she demands. Also, you can forget about dodging the pricy barfine!!

The Taxi Mafia:

In past visits it was never much of a problem finding taxi drivers who would agree to use their meter to determine your destination fare instead of barking out flat inflated prices of maybe 500B! That is unless you were attempting to flag down a ride home from Patpong! If that were the case it could turn into major trench warfare. I can recall occasions where I had to repeat the process five or six times before I found a driver with ‘meter working’. Well, those were the good old days - now it’s like that everywhere. Just today I needed a ride from the Grand President, Soi 11 to Dynasty Inn, Soi Nana. I confronted no less than four drivers, lowest fare quoted was 300B. Mention meter and they just drive on. Dealing with these scumbags was such a pain I decided to walk – luggage and all. From now on I’ll use BTS only or walk.

New Breed of Ladyboys:

I’ve never paid much attention to ladyboys unless they were trying to pick my pockets. So, perhaps I just never noticed before but I’ve been seeing these six-footers standing around who could put a Victoria's Secret runway model to shame! I saw another just this afternoon in of all places Foodland. I mean are these ‘girls’ taking Harry Mudd Venus pills spiked with human growth hormone or what? How is it possible for a six-foot Man to look better than 99.999% of the genuine female BG population?? Go figure, its like falling into an upside down Arcturian parallel universe or something.

The Real Dope on Weed:

OK fellas, I’m gonna let you all in on a well kept secret. I don’t think you’ll see this info on the likes of Facebook or Twitter (don’t know really as I don’t do social media).

Of course by now everyone has heard about the weed shops sprouting up all over Bangkok. What you almost certainly have NOT heard is that all, and I repeat ALL of these vendors are selling totally worthless depleted leftovers of what was once potent weed. They sell this useless material to clueless, unsuspecting dopes standing in line to pay 800 – 950B per GRAM! That’s over $750 buckos an ounce! I know this because I started smoking pot early on in 10th grade…no big deal now, but that was over 55 years ago! I can openly talk about this now, as I’ve been retired since late 2009 and no longer have or need a security clearance. I’m no Keith Richards, but you could say I have had more than a little experience as a consumer in this area (reefer only).

Weed was weed (more or less) up until about five or six years ago. Then someone clever discovered that if you pour cold liquid butane over a batch of buds in a suitable vessel and let it percolate through, the rapidly evaporating liquid very effectively dissolves (extracts) the sticky resin which contains the active THC. The resulting butane extract is allowed to evaporate leaving behind the active resin which is then used to make all of the vaping and edibles sold in dispensaries everywhere. Of course they also sell the leftover weed after they hang a sign on it saying it contains 25-30% THC!! The beauty of this process is the leftover weed (incredibly) appears little changed to the unaided eye.

Dope peddlers have always been a bunch of dishonest crooks. Goddamn the pusher! Only now have they managed to aspire to such heights of fraud and obscene profit – legally even. The Corporate weed farm business model is based on complete and total fraud. Try to find anyone in that business, top to bottom, who will admit that the weed they are selling has been stripped of all but maybe 1% of the original THC content. And it’s now ALL the same. I’ve looked high and low in places like California, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado (all recreational). Now Thailand, and its all the same. The ONLY way you are going to get your hands on weed that has NOT been messed with (extracted) is to grow it yourself. Period.

Doubt what I say? Examine a sample with lighted maybe 8x magnifier; if you look carefully you will notice there is no sparkle. The tiny clear droplets (tricombs) of THC resin is what accounts for the sparkle (or lack of). Also, you may notice the stripped weed has little odor. That’s because its been mostly washed away with the resin. If you crush a very dry bud with your fingers it typically reduces to a tiny, tiny pinch of worthless powder. Oh, and there’s something else missing - you don’t get high when you smoke it!  Nuff said. To be continued…

End of part one. Part two (coming) – In a blast from the past Short-Time re-visits NEP, Cowboy, The ‘pong, BG7, Lolita’s, Thermae and more…

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Thank you for your response. Certainly cannabis extracts are nothing new. You could even say Hashish is an extract and Butane gas is certainly nothing new. But being unable to find ANY weed that has NOT been extracted with butane is a relatively new development (as I mentioned). There was an extract around in some parts of the USA back around 71 (California, Colorado and the Midwest) that was called Number One. The DEA confiscated samples of this #1 oil and analysis determined some of these samples had concentrations of THC over 90%. DEA stated it was the most concentrated form of THC they ever encountered (they stated this maybe 12-15 years ago). To this day that Number One amber oil remains by far the most powerful cannabis material I ever tried. It was impossible to hold a hit of it in your lungs for more than maybe 10 seconds - then you would cough your guts out! It had a very unusual medicinal taste/flavor. You only needed one hit from an oil pipe, then it seemed to expand in your lungs (somewhat like hashish but more intense). That's why you could not hold your breath more than a few seconds.


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