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Merry Xmas


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Yes, Seasons Greetings, to all, for yesterday and the New Year thingie shortly.

As it happened I was at a gathering for a SEA Diaspora of folk in NZ yesterday, and feasted on Cambodian, Lao, Thai, Burmese and Yunnan food. ( I took a Kiwi style Turkey and a Ham )

They weren't celebrating the Xmas festival, but they know and appreciate the Public Holiday and an opportunity to party with family and friends, so a good time was had by all.

Only about 8 families and so and put together by a little saint of a Cambodian lady, who came here as a result of the troubles in the '70s, I hesitate to ask for details, as it's likely she lost family.


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Merry Xmas etc etc, 


Lunch is what we do, I was only white person at a table of 11 of the family, 


Thai, Laos, Portugal, Ghana and Mozambique all present at the table. 


Great food, far fewer than in yesteryears when we threw a chistmas lunch in bangkok, but still good fun playing "Wink" game after the meal

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