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Young'uns don't understand.


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43 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

I am one of the few that use gmail desktop version instead of teh gmail app


I don't even use gmail's proggies

I use IMAP from gmail and others,  to Apple's Mail

on most of them some are POP

Jeez I just realised, I'm still running 20 + email addresses, I should rationalise those.

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1 hour ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Because all the Apps advertise on Instagram, Fartbook etc, 

  • Instagram.   Home of Trout Lipped Posing Tarts and Food
  • Facebook.    Home to fake stories aka anti vaxxers, the original home of the narcissist
  • Tik Tok.          Home to childish morons trying to be funny and stupid dance videos

If I was looking for a business these would be the last places I would look.

Also why should I need to download an app to check out a business or product only to decide it is no good for me and have to delete it again. The apps I use, yes even old dinosaurs like me use them, were downloaded from the company’s website, such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

One of the best apps I ever used was in Madrid in 2010;/11 the full Public transit system. Type in Location and Destination and not only told you the route using buses and Metro also used GPS and told you where and when to change trains. Could be listening to tunes on iPhone and song would pause and announcement change to **** Line at next station fucking brilliant.

I am not anti app, far from it, but the installation of such should be my choice knowing what the business has to offer, not having to download the app to see what the business has to offer.

There must be 1,000’s of businesses out there missing out on mine, and other peoples, custom the global average for Facebook usage is less than 40% compared to 63.5% with internet connectivity. I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok I am suffering from FoMO. Bollox.

Furhermore 50% of app users are under the age of 25 whereas disposable income is higher in the 25 to 85 age groups, surely one needs disposable income to spend money   …. Oh I forgot all the Gen Z will be Bitcoin millionaires, hold on there’s an app for that.

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Mate - all I can tell you is what I am seeing from working with people.


Had a meeting tonight for the sports club


All males over 45


All business owners


All discussing a few different apps we use for their own business and fund raising, 


That's not my opinion


Just reality, 


And my mate who is 65 and running a sizable business gets nervous whenever he has to make a post on Instagram / facebook


So I am there trying to make it as easy for him as possible until his manager who is a 35 female gets back from holidays,


He gets so nervous he physically shakes thinking he could fuck something up on his insta/fartbook accounts


Tomorrows meeting with google ads put back to Tuesday now



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On 1/16/2023 at 8:25 PM, Coss said:

There is no Cloud.

It's just someone else's computer.

Microsoft cloud outage hits users around the world


And my multi-terabyte system, including back ups and redundancy is still going, at least whilst I have electricity and turn it on.

I've found that I haven't been hacked, cracked or compromised when it's turned off.

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9 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

Gentlemen, no idea what you are talking about. The internet to me is naked women. Why big headache you?

Incorrect, you use the World Wide Web for naked women, WWW uses the internet

Some/ Most of us use the words web and internet to mean the same thing but they're actually quite different.

The world wide web, or web for short, are the pages you see when you're at a device and you're online.

But the internet is the network of connected computers that the web works on, as well as what emails and files travel across. 

Think of the internet as the roads that connect towns and cities together. The world wide web contains the things you see on the roads like houses and shops. 

And the vehicles are the data moving around - some go between websites and others will be transferring your emails or files across the internet, separately from the web.


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