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Young'uns don't understand.


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The app I use the most is not on my phone or tablet but on my TV, Netflix. Also use YouTube app on TV since don’t copy URL’s from there. 
Mobile apps include but not limited to, Skype, Zoom, LinkedIn, XE Currency Exchange etc plus a few mindless games.


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And they don't use the hypertext platform which is essentially what TBL invented


Netflix uses an internet connection to fetch its data


Nothing to do with TBL hypertext links


If the language seems familiar I went to the source so nothing really to add anymore


He sums it up nicely 

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What's really interesting is the amount of connections made by IoT


The communication rates while tiny cover massive numbers of devices


And as we slowly move to smart cities, the number will explode


Not just reading your gas water electricity meter, but seeing how many cars are travelling down a road and changing lights to green instead of sitting there doing nothing while the light is red 

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Smart cities = Government Sanctioned Big Brother Policy

Ignoring Personal Privacy for a moment just imagine Social and Political Control.

With government officials accessing public information, the data gathered is prone to misuse for personal or political interests. Someone behind the database has to have access to all the mountainous information and, therefore, has the authority to misuse the data to manipulate the public.

Corrupt politicians and influential authorities may use Digital Media to manipulate public opinion for their interests. Even a flyspeck of an error could also lead to mismanaged information. The worst-case scenario is if the data somehow slips into the wrong hands, it could compromise the entire city’s security.

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Oh I think we are all totally fucked digitally


Last major hack was human stupidity in Oz


A person used "Stress" to force some idiot to release the details, wam, all the drivers licences details lost


It's interesting so many people are fighting back against constantly changing their passwords that 


Fuck Shit Cunt etc are in the most common passwords today


That's shows people are sick and tired of forever changing passwords


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Hacking is part of Personal Privacy which I didn’t touch on, The ability to track and centralize data gives great power to the person who handles the information. Whether it is a government or a private agency, whoever has access to citizens’ data can control, frighten and try to manipulate public opinion is scary enough. When information is compiled or used to better understand something or to do something, it becomes knowledge., and as stated by Sir Francis Bacon “scientia potentia est” Knowledge is Power

Will the hackers of the future just be “High Tech Dumpster Divers” looking for personal information for ID theft, or maybe a more malicious intent. Furthermore, The use of security cameras and intelligent systems connected through all different spaces makes it more difficult to maintain anonymity. Technologies such as facial recognition drastically changed the concept of personal privacy

As I said, very Big Brother and some scary shit. The “Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear” argument hold no water for me. it was first used in the UK with the introduction of CCTV, I was firmly in the camp of “ If we have nothing to hide why are we under surveillance” The only person with Nothing to hide is one who agrees 100% with the outlook and policies of their government.

Smart  cities could lead to the erosion of civil liberties via the back door



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