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Can I rekindle my love for the Big Mango ?


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For a decade I loved Bangkok. To me, it was Mallorca on steroids and it took the unlawfulness of Magalluf and added spices and lime juice to create a cocktail that was as much hedonistic as it was addictive. That was the 1990s.

Since then, I have been in a sort of love / hate relationship with Bangkok, loving it for weeks, months and even perhaps years before swinging about turn and needing to get out. Once I was out however, that feeling of desire for old Bangkok came slowly or sometimes quickly back. And so my world turned.

I have the opportunity, perhaps, to spend the UK summer in Bangkok. I cannot change the dates as I am a single parent to a teenage daughter (16) who will accompany me and though she may go and see her mama in the jungle for a week or two, it would mainly be us alone.

We've done beaches, lots of beaches and more luxury hotels than you can swing a a cat at but self catering in Bangkok for just a couple of months is stupid or I think it is. I used to live in the JW Marriott and I know most decent hotels can conjure up a monthly figure which is a huge discount against the normal rate and we'd have a combined 4 months of booking to leverage. My guess is that I'd get a decent room, breakfast and lounge access, 25% or more off everything bought and free laundry etc. for around 150k to 200k a month for 2 rooms.

Or I rent a large apartment and forego the on site room service etc.

But what to do with my time and how to entertain a 21st century internet connected teenager in Bangkok ? Malls and cinema are good for a bour 2 days then we are both done, save the cinema, which can be repeated.

I know Bangkok has 1000s of things to do but I'm out of touch and I couldn't care less about another bloody temple. Equally, I no longer desire to sit in Soi 4 bars every day.

Help me with some ideas to see if Bangkok can inspire me once again.

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