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Police airport pick-up service delights Chinese tourists


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at first I thought this was a joke, but then it appears widely reported, Bangkok Post and Nation amongst them.


For only 7,000 baht, the RTP will make sure you get safely to your hotel

... In a move representing true state-of the-art policing, top cop Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas was stimulated into decisive action after viewing a video clip posted on TikTok. Damrongsak has ordered an investigation into claims by the Chinese tourist that she received “special services” from Thai police.

The woman was on a visit to Pattaya – goodness only knows why – with her mother.

So just what kind of “special services” does the RTP offer in Pattaya? Strict discipline, at the very least, one would hope, and obviously there is the uniform thing. And the torture.

While booking transport from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Pattaya, says the young woman on the video, she was offered a police escort for a “small” extra charge.

There is no English translation of the video, but you get the point.

A police escort from the airport to the popular seaside resort apparently costs 7,000 baht (US$215) for a car and 6,000 baht for a motorcycle. The actual taxi costs another 1,200 baht.

Damrongsak has ordered an investigation to find out if the people in the video clip are genuine Thai police officers and he wants the results on his desk pronto! Perhaps he wants to recruit them?

“I had never seen anything like this so I decided to try the service,” explains the cute little lady. She seems to have been delighted by the service, as would be many others. It’s a red letter, gold star, blue riband service which will surely please all visitors to the kingdom.

Damrongsak would be wrong to put an end to the entrepreneurial spirit of his loyal men. And these days, this might be the only way you can get to your hotel in Pattaya without being punched by a Russian or robbed by a ladyboy. ...


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In the 10 minutes since I read that


The unfortunate named CIM Business Events, CIM could be a business event I guess, in Thailand they have CIM bars just for that!

https://www.cimbusinessevents.com.au/thailands-world-of-possibilities/ - yep you can get a police escort, they seem to know how to book


A company called Asia Luxe apparently offers the police escort but yet to find their web site


This mob offer motorcycle escort, VIP transport and body guards, AND for the 24 hour package @ 85,000 baht  you get an "English Communicative Bodyguard" AND a cup of Starbucks coffee! Yes - I am not lying




If in Bali - book here https://7.holiday/thing/police-escort 


But best of all


If your a FAT BASTARD like me - you too can get a police escort - doesn't say the price but it's legit and in Queensland





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