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Oz Embassy in Bangkok spy's on you as you poop

My Penis is hungry

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Too funny


Mostly arseholes employed there


ABC News


Ex-Australian embassy employee pleads guilty over cameras found in women's bathrooms at Bangkok mission

Exclusive by South-East Asia correspondent Mazoe Ford and Supattra Vimonsuknopparat in Bangkok

Posted 7h ago7 hours ago

An image of the Australian embassy in Thailand with Bangkok's skyline in the background.

The Australian embassy in Bangkok is one of Australia's largest diplomatic missions.(Supplied: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

A former staff member at the Australian embassy in Bangkok has pleaded guilty to installing tiny hidden cameras in two women's bathrooms inside the secure government building. 


Key points:

Nayot "Bank" Thamsongsana was a locally engaged employee at the Australian embassy

He was fired a day after being arrested over the hidden cameras and a year later pleaded guilty

The charges carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail, a 20,000 baht ($850) fine, or both

Nayot "Bank" Thamsongsana, 39, appeared in the Bangkok South Criminal Court on January 30 and pleaded guilty to committing an indecent act to persons over 15 years of age by threatening with any means.


The locally engaged embassy employee was arrested by Royal Thai Police in January 2022 after a camera's digital memory card was found on a bathroom floor inside the Bangkok mission.


He was fired from his job as an IT systems manager the day after his arrest.


His guilty plea came just over a year later, on the day prosecutors and the defence had come to court for a witness and evidence examination hearing to determine the trial hearing dates.


Four people outside a sliding door, one older man in a suit carrying a briefcase, a younger man next to him, and two women

Nayot Thamsongsana's case has been before the Bangkok South Criminal Court.(ABC News: Mazoe Ford)

"[Nayot] looked at the evidence to prepare to fight the case … and after he checked all the evidence, documents, and statements from the prosecutor, he confessed and pleaded guilty," deputy spokesman for the Office of the Attorney-General, Kosonlawat Inthuchanyong, told the ABC.


"He confessed that he put the cameras in the toilets to secretly watch the activity inside the toilets.


"An act like this is committing an indecent act by threatening, because there is no-one who would allow others to do that to them."


Images of two women recorded by hidden bathroom cameras

Sixty women who used the bathrooms where the cameras were installed gave statements to police.


"Many of them must have been so frightened and worried if their image was taken, or if they were watched," Mr Kosonlawat said.


"They filed complaints but after checking all the evidence we were informed by the prosecutor that only images of two people were recorded and found."


A man in a black suit and bright green tie, with glasses, looks directly into camera

Kosonlawat Inthuchanyong told the ABC many women who used the bathrooms in question must have been frightened and worried.(ABC News: Mazoe Ford)

Mr Kosonlawat said Nayot cooperated fully with investigators and would have the option of giving a written or verbal statement of remorse to the court.


The former embassy staffer is expected to return to court to be sentenced on March 23.


Mr Kosonlawat said that under Thai law, Nayot now has the option of paying compensation and apologising to the two women in the meantime.


The women can then choose to accept the payment and apology and make a statement to police or the court that they are willing to drop the case entirely.


Or they can accept the apology and payment and continue with the court process. 


A tall building is shot from the street, with a gold shield visible near the entrance

The women may choose to drop the case or proceed in Bangkok South Criminal Court.(ABC News: Mazoe Ford)

The charges Nayot pleaded guilty to carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail, a 20,000 baht ($850) fine, or both.


The Bangkok embassy is one of Australia's largest diplomatic missions.


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) would not comment on the case while it was before the courts, but a spokesperson said the department would "continue to provide support to staff, including through in-house counselling".


DFAT's principal psychologist has travelled to Bangkok to provide counselling, and staff also have access to support services in the country, as well as the 24-hour employee assistance program.


"The department has reviewed security arrangements at the embassy in Bangkok to ensure they remain robust and appropriate," the spokesperson said.


Mr Kosonlawat said he was sympathetic to the women affected by this case.


"The Office of the Attorney-General would like to express our sympathy for what happened," he said. 


"We tried our best [to] prosecute the case as best we could under Thai law."

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18 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

A man in a black suit and bright green tie, with glasses, looks directly into camera

Was this line just randomly inserted for a laugh? It bears absolutely no relevance to rest of the article.

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You would expect the comment to be either in italics, brackets etc in order to differentiate between a caption and the actual article, it is neigh on impossible to ascertain by reading your post.

When I post links it is either to

  1. Show the Source of the item
  2. For further reading in only part of article posted

Clicking on the link is optional

You on the other hand post a link which it is required to click to understand your post, then again cryptic postings are something we have come to expect from you 🤪

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20 hours ago, khunsanuk said:


Sure, this is a shitty (sorry :) ) thing to do, but 10 years in jail seems a bit harsh.


In the UK minimum 12 months no maximum.

This is classified as a Sexual Offence you know, or are you alright with men abusing women’s rights?

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"or are you alright with men abusing women’s rights?"

That's a bit of a jump, no? I commented on the severity of the punishment, I did not condone the crime. I still stand by the comment that I think 10 years is harsh, especially considering the punishment for rape (which I am sure we'll agree is a much more serious crime) is 4-20 years. (https://www.thailandlaw.org/rape-laws-in-thailand.html)


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“Abusing Women’s Rights” are not my words but how the crime of fitting a webcam in a women’s bathroom is defined under UK Law.

Rape is a more serious crime, hence the reason it Carries a higher sentence of up to 20 years compared to a maximum of 10 years for this Offence, the article does not state the minimum.

The perpetrator was probably charged under Section 278 of Thailand Criminal Code

Section 278 Whoever, committing an indecent act to the person out of fifteen years of age by threatening with any means, by doing any act of violence, by taking advantage of that person to be in the condition of inability to resist, or by causing that person to mistake him for the other person, shall be imprisoned not out of ten years or fined not out of twenty thousand Baht, or both.

This offense the same as rape (section 276 and 277) are all listed under Title IX of Thai Criminal Code “Offence Relating to Sexuality”

Thailand Criminal Code

So the UK classes such as a sexual offence, Thailand classes such as a sexual offence, as I am sure other countries do also if I could be arsed looking up the laws.


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