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Uyghur asylum-seeker death heaps pressure on Thailand


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The death of a 49-year-old Uyghur asylum-seeker in Thailand has prompted pleas from rights groups to find a humane solution to the plight of around 50 Uyghur men who have been detained for nine years. 

Aziz Abdullah died after he collapsed in the Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok where he was being held. 

He was part of a wave of more than 350 Uyghur asylum-seekers who fled from Xinjiang in western China in 2013, and were detained in Thailand.

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Whilst I am sorry for the folk who find themselves in the position that they need to seek asylum, we've had a few here in NZ that look like opportunity seekers,  more than the downtrodden.

And often they turn up already dying, with TB and such. Mind you, I'd chance my arm, if it meant a possible better life.

But the thought that they might be fleeing, the guys who they used to shoot, but turned out to be the winners, gives me a cynical view.

""The death certificate issued by the hospital specifies a lung infection as the cause of death.""


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It is not the fact that they were detained which is an issue, most nations have immigration detention centers, it is the duration


IDC is meant as short term custody before deportation, not somewhere to hold  50 individuals for 9 years without trial. For some reason. Thai law allows indefinite detention.

IDc Suan Phlu is even worse conditions than “The Bangkok Hilton” 

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