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Bali plans to ban tourists from renting motorbikes


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5 hours ago, Coss said:

My excursions on the wheels of death....

I noticed one time that there is an obituary section in a popular motorcycle magazine, something not seen in similar magazines for cars.  It just goes to show how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle.

I drove cars to get around for most of my life and am into cycling for working out.  They are both dangerous but not as much as riding a motorcycle.




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Riding a bike is certainly more dangerous than driving a car, but I have been in a situation where if I'd been driving a car I would have slammed into the back of the car in front of me. But since I was riding a bike, I was able to quickly swerve around it and thus avoid an accident. Anecdotal of course, but does show that riding a bike is not always more dangerous than driving a car.

Had both car and motorbike license when living in Europe (both now long expired), but always MUCH preferred taking my motorbike (Suzuki Intruder 700) instead of Dad's car.


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Never had a motorbike accident on the road, racing was different matter, probably spent more time in the medical facility’s than the winners podium.

Only ever had one car accident, and that was on black ice. Probably due to c aouple of factors

  • Riding a bike gives you more special awareness and anticipation, l.e. You see a car most people thing “he’s not gonna do that” On a bike see the same car and think “ I bet that idiot will do that”
  • Being involved in motorsport you don’t feel the to go like the clappers on the public highway, you always have off toad, race track or closed road to have a blow out.
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