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Cambodian police are searching for five Head Hunters gang members.


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'Confidential' document reveals Cambodian police are searching for Head Hunters gang members

A “confidential and sensitive document” obtained by Stuff has revealed Cambodian police are searching for five Head Hunters gang members.

The Honorary Consulate of Cambodia in New Zealand has confirmed the authenticity of a “confidential and sensitive document” obtained by Stuff, written from a top Cambodian police official.

The letter reveals police in the South East Asian country have been ordered to crack down on a group of what it referred to as “big motorcycle criminals” living in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. 

The letter described the Head Hunters as being “involved in many drug cases and illegal crimes”.

It also named the men as well as listing their dates of birth and passport details.

However, the letter does not say whether the men are alleged to have committed any crimes. 

The letter was written by Cambodian national deputy police chief, brigadier general Dy Vichea, who ordered capital police to pay close attention.

Vichea is married to the daughter of Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen.

The letter also claims to reveal the source of Vichea’s information.

According to the document, New Zealand police warned the Australian Federal Police (AFP) that Head Hunters members were in Cambodia.

When asked about that, police here said they were not searching for anyone in Cambodia, but would not answer questions about whether it had informed Cambodian authorities about alleged gangsters in the country.

The AFP operates a liaison office in Phnom Penh which is attached to the Australian embassy. In 2016 it formalised its cooperation with Cambodian police to tackle drug smuggling with Strikeforce Dragon.

Cambodia does not have the death penalty for drug possession, but those caught can see many years or even life in prison for possession.

In 2019, Cambodian police blacklisted members of the Australian Rebels gang from entering the country.




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