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So, in the tradition of management and beancounters everywhere, Gizmodo used Ai to write news stories. Read at link.

Link = https://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/300923987/a-tech-news-site-let-ai-write-a-story-it-was-a-disaster

I don't worry, I predict, management and beancounters everywhere will be using Ai, wherever they can to save money and thereto get bonuses for themselves, for such money saving.

Another two examples (if I haven't posted them already):

"...ill spill causes delays..."   it was an Oil Spill.

"... Reality Coach fined for..." it was a real Estate Agent.

Pity, I thought "Reality Coach" might be the latest iteration of "Influencer" and be an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

i.e. "Joe Smurgelheimer, Reality Coach, slamming people's faces against walls, since 2020..."

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Aussie Isaac Butterfield did a recent expose on “Waking up early is a sign of white supremacy” when he copied and pasted article into ChatGPT and it said “This article appears to be written by AI” 

As we are aware ChatGPT is configured by the Libtard Virtue Signaling SJW arse holes that we all despise and “Lazy Journalism” today is just typing “Thought Provoking” headlines such as “Waking Up Early or Desks etc are a sign of White Supremacy” into ChatGPT and publishing the Crap it spews forth as actual news articles.



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