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Large cobra invades Thai home, residents rush to buy lottery tickets


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A large cobra was found in a house in Thailand‘s northern Phayao province, resulting in local disaster prevention officers quickly arriving to capture and release it. Meanwhile, residents rushed to buy lottery tickets featuring the house number, hoping for good fortune in the upcoming draw today.

Officers from the Phayao Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department were alerted  by Thanita Chaisukkoson, who discovered the large cobra slithering into her home in the Wiang district of Phayao province. The officers, equipped with the necessary tools, arrived at Thanita’s residence to capture the snake. The cobra, which measured approximately 1.5 metres in length, was eventually caught after a long struggle involving ropes and sticks. It was placed in a fertiliser bag before being released back into the wild.

The homeowner said she saw the venomous snake while doing household chores and was startled by its presence. She quickly alerted her family and called the Disaster Prevention officers to help catch the cobra and return it to nature. Following the successful capture and release, both the homeowner and neighbours believed that the snake’s presence brings good luck, and with the lottery draw approaching, they decided to try their luck by purchasing tickets with the house number 111.

In such situations, residents often associate a snake’s entry into their home with good fortune, particularly when the lottery is nearing. When such an incident occurs close to the date of the draw, they take the opportunity to place their bets on the relevant house number in the hope of winning big.

Yesterday, it was reported that villagers in the northeast Surin province were buying lottery tickets with numbers based on a dream that one villager had. The villager’s husband caught a rare albino turtle the night after she dreamed of old 10 baht coins with holes in them.

In Thailand’s northeast Nakhon Ratchasima province, residents have been flocking to make offerings and buy beauty products for the Ta Kiean Thong Spirits at a famed temple in Korat after numerous lottery wins. The five Ta Kiean Thong sisters are believed to favour those who adorn them, with many paying respects at the Wat Samanmit temple.



I can't wait to see, in the future, a person trying to catch a snake with ropes...

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