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I post the following in order that my experience may help someone with a similar affliction:

I've just had a Metastatic Melanoma removed from within my left occipital lobe. About the size of a large grape, near the surface of the brain.

Before shot - 


5 days into recovery and I reckon I'm about 95% of what I was. Given that my stroke from 6 years ago left me with about 95%, I'm probably about 90.25% now.

No pain, other than that of the large incision they make in the skin on the skull.



So now I say, I'm talking through a hole in my head, and you say "Whats new?"


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On 6/29/2023 at 12:35 AM, My Penis is hungry said:

By chance I had a MRI on my brain today.

I'm so glad I live in a place where the government pays for healthcare. I must have had 15 or so various, MRI, PET and CT scans over the last few years. Phew!

On 6/29/2023 at 6:26 AM, buffalo_bill said:

Coss I did always wonder what you look like

Still the same on the front, girls get weak legs...  :)

On 6/29/2023 at 6:26 AM, buffalo_bill said:

I wish I was 90,25 percent from whatever. The Deep Klong Anglers Club, as time goes by......

I reckon if you've got a big enough truck, and you keep the load organised with the important stuff at the front, then if, a little stuff, falls off the back, it's usually of no consequence.

Those with short or disorganised trucks, may have a different experience.

I can feel a meeting of the Sukhumvit Deep Along Anglers Club coming on in about Sept 2025

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I'm intrigued

Was this found through monitoring for other reasons?

Mine was discovered from me noticing a change in the surface of a mole. Size of a matchhead was all it started out as.

But yours was internal.

Hope all is well


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9 hours ago, bust said:

Was this found through monitoring for other reasons?

1st. Initially I got a melanoma removed from my right shoulder blade, similar to yours, resulting in a scar like yours.

2nd. After follow up scans and a biopsy to my right armpit, I had a Lymphadenectomy, wherein they removed all my lymph nodes from the right armpit and should/chest/neck area. Something like 14 of 62 nodes found to be metastatic.

3rd. After further follow up scans, I had another Lymphadenectomy. This time 6 of 14 nodes-ish found to be metastatic. Lotsa radiation therapy (Nuke me baby!) after this one.

4th. Yet more scans. A grape size growth in the brain was found. Now removed and I have a great battle scar!

They're getting me in next week, to Nuke the hole and hopefully mop up any remaining cells if there are any.

Also another biopsy tomorrow, on something in my armpit that they can't be sure of. 

Good people these Medical types.

Points:  (for under 40 yr olds, "Learnings"...)

Melanoma will get away on ya, without your permission and with long standing consequences - so always have yer moles etc attended to, easy to catch early.

Compared to other cancers (Big Generalisation) Melanoma is a fast moving  and slippery customer.




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That's an epic journey. Wish you all the best.

Melanoma is a real concern here. As you probably may all ready know Australia has the highest rate of death in the world from melanoma. About 10% of those diagnosed don't survive. But we also have the highest rate of testing as well.

As a kid through to a teenager growing up we spent every available moment on the beach. Never even heard of sunscreen. I remember we would rub coconut oil on girls and they would cook in the sun.

As a doctor once said to me "old friends are good friends" if you notice any change get it looked at. I did and he was spot on.

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