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Thailand has a new leader but it’s not the one most people voted for.


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Tuesday was a dramatic day in Thailand as parliament staved off a potential political crisis by finally voting for a new prime minister as one of the country’s most polarizing figures returned from a 15-year self exile. 

Thai lawmakers chose real estate tycoon and political newcomer Srettha Thavisin of the populist Pheu Thai party to be the country’s 30th prime minister – an outcome that ended three months of deadlock but one that saw the party enter into a governing coalition with its longtime military enemies. 

Srettha, 60, received 482 votes out of a possible 747 in both houses of parliament, far more than the majority needed to secure the premiership. 

On Wednesday, Srettha received the King’s endorsement, making his appointment as prime minister official. Speaking after the ceremony, he said the next four years will see much change, and the government under the Pheu Thai party will work tirelessly to improve people’s lives. 

The return of Thaksin Shinawatra, the ousted former prime minister of Thailand and patriarch of the Pheu Thai political juggernaut, added a new layer of intrigue, with some supporters welcoming his return and others less sure of what the future will bring.

Some analysts say his return was part of a wider arrangement with the country’s powerful conservative and royalist establishment that involved a reduced jail term or possible pardon in exchange for keeping the election-winning Move Forward Party from enacting its reformist policies that targeted the heart of this establishment.

So why is Thailand’s new prime minister not the leader of the election-winning party? And why did Thaksin’s party do a deal with the same military clique that ousted him and his sister Yingluck in coups? ...




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1 hour ago, Coss said:

So why is Thailand’s new prime minister not the leader of the election-winning party? And why did Thaksin’s party do a deal with the same military clique that ousted him and his sister Yingluck in coups? ...

That is the question most of Thailand is asking.

Also how come Srettha is accused of a 571 Million Baht tax fiddle, refused to attend a questioning session by the Senate on the allegation and they still pick him.

On the other hand Pita (MFP) has a few shares in a defunct media company which are part of his late fathers estate, that’s right he didn’t buy them, but since the executioner of his fathers will classed as being in his name.

Dragged over the coals by the Senate, was banned from the second vote even though the Election Commission said he was allowed to stand.

MFP have the old Dinosaurs well and truly rattled, as I stated previously the coalition will get fuck all done, MFP will oppose everything they propose and I don’t see the gold school in the coalition voting for populist policies, coalition will fail since too many cooks spoil the broth and MFP will win the next election by a landslide. PTP will disappear behind the rock from which they crawled under.

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But the US of A hasn’t had, and in some cases can’t with 2 party politics

  • Winning Party not allowed to take Power
  • A unelected Senate hand picked by outgoing government who chooses new leader
  • Runner up party Teaming up with ex government and several other parties
  • Runner up party going against its own manifesto
  • Runner up party ignoring the electorate and getting into bed with the outgoing party all for one man
  • etc

Politicians not wanting to do what elected for is a minor inconvenience, how about Politicians not elected  by the majority ot the electorate to Govern yet installed by unelected Senate on the basis that members of the outgoing party are given government roles, what I would call a Front Bencher in UK politics

So when people say “This has happened in <Insert Country here>”  I very much doubt that it has

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Perhas, but in the spirit of Coss''s post, if it is him, the USA Electoral College has voted for the President contary to what the voters wanted, 


Remember just like in Thailand you don't get to vote for the PM, 


So now on your side, Coss, no one in Thailand voted for a person to be PM, they can only vote for the party they want in power unless your in the seat of the person and then it's just to get them to parliment

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Trump “Claiming” is all Bullshit the Dems won more votes end off. Making a claim is one thing, actually happening is another.

In Thailand MFP DID win most votes, completely different situation.

On a side parliament resumed yesterday and the government are being ripped to shreds by MFP

Government Policy Starement

The Dinosaurs have also complained that the new blood are using iPads and other Tablets instead of old fashioned pen and paper 555.

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