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NTN Welcomes New Editor-in-Chief


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3 Mar 2015 

NTN HEAD OFFICE – The online newspaper NotTheNation restarted its operations today with a new executive staff appointed by Thailand’s military government.

The new editor-in-chief, Brigadier General Somyut Phraemonwichitmuang, was presented at a press conference to exhibit his credentials and to announce the exciting future of the now junta-controlled news operation.

General Somyut, 92, was unable to speak or even stand at the press conference, due to a condition of “exhaustion” as described by his onsite physician. However, a spokesperson for the Royal Thai Army read a statement on behalf of the new top editor at Bangkok’s trusted news source.

“General Somyut is very excited to bring a fresh perspective and an infusion of energy to this worthy newspaper, and to assure that it plays its role in promoting Thai unity, harmony, and positive cultural values as we move forward together as a kingdom under His Majesty’s guidance.”


The announcement brought new hope to the subscribers of NotTheNation, which suddenly and inexplicably ceased operations in October after army tanks surrounded its head offices following publication of a story calling coup leader General Prayuth Chan-Ocha a “total mother-hugger.” Reports that the executive staff were detained and/or expelled from the country remained unconfirmed. However, none of the original creators of the newspaper remain on NotTheNation’s executive board, which is now entirely composed of army appointees and members of the new Ministry of Journalistic Truth.

Several journalists at the press conference attempted to ask how General Somyut, a lifelong military man with no experience on journalism or writing, could qualify as the CEO and managing editor of a newspaper. However, these journalists were quickly reminded that General Somyut is older than they are, and thus should not be questioned in an impolite way.

According to the CV posted on NotTheNation’s new website, General Somyut entered the army in 1946, and was awarded for courage for participation in numerous anti-communist campaigns upcountry throughout the 1950s and 60s. He was also present or involved in top-level standing committees during the removal of Thai governments in 1971, 1976, 1977, and 1991.

The General served as a vice-Chairman of the Transport Ministry from 1984-1988, has held board positions for several land development corporations, and is also a holder of nine honorary degrees from various Thai universities. Despite serving his entire career as a humble civil servant, General Somyut is worth an estimated 600 million baht.

 “We can think of no better or more qualified person than General Somyut to oversee the operations of a news organization,” said the army spokesperson. “He has proven himself a patriot and a Buddhist, which are the two most important qualities in Thai journalism.

“His ascension through the ranks through obedience, subservience to order, and swift execution of action against enemies of the kingdom show his commitment to the higher principles that must rule a harmonious society. And his age and wealth establish him as a puu yai, who has earned credibility through karma.”

 Along with several other Thai news outlets, NotTheNation is now certified as an “information transmitter” under the new licensing program of the Ministry of Communications and Technology, and 51% owned by SCH Holdings PLC, a subsidiary of the Crown Property Bureau.

 None of the staff of NTN were available for comment.


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