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Overloaded soil truck likely causes concrete slab collapse in Bangkok


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29 minutes ago, bust said:

Wonder who, if anyone signed off on the works 😊

Somchai the road builder signed the name of Somsak, the lunch time restaurant owner.

Somchai has scarpered and Somsak has complained to the local authorities, about the truck in a hole, in the road outside his restaurant, that is affecting his business.

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8 hours ago, bust said:

Doesn't need to be a solid surface to be fit for purpose. Like I said more an engineering fail. As for the slab/slabs for it to fold in that way as a single slab it would indicate a lack of, or complete absence of any reinforcement, again an engineering fail.

So again the point I am making is the concrete didn't fail the application did. Wonder who, if anyone signed off on the works 😊


On 11/10/2023 at 3:04 PM, bust said:

OK think of this way. Lay a piece of wood between 2 bricks and jump on it. It breaks. Lay that same piece of wood on a solid surface and nothing happens

So you “Lay “a flat piece of wood on a solid surface” but “Doesn’t need to be a solid surface to be fit for purpose” Which is it? If it doesn’t need to be a solid surface why bring up the piece of wood on a solid surface as opposed to two bricks?

Also “Application Failure” WTF is that when it’s at home. The application is fixed, to cover a hole in the road during daytime to carry traffic, a simple application.

Obviously the concrete did fail or else if Wouldn’t be in the hole, so what caused it to fail.

  • Overweight Lorry

Maximum Load on Thai Roads is 35 Tonne so the slab / support arrangement SHALL be designed for 35 x 1.5 = 52.5 Tonnes. An 8 wheeler net weight is approx 12 Tonnes so it can carry 23 Tonnes. Density of soil is 1500 g / 1.5 Tonne per SQM so at 35 Tonnes the lorry would be carrying 15.33 SQM. I order for the lorry to exceed the design limit of 52,5 Tonnes it would need to have 27 SQM of soil on it which is 75% more load. It is clear to the naked eye that the lorry is not carrying 175% capacity

  • Design Failure

The Slab and it supports we’re not correctly designed for the 52.5 Tonne load. Whether Slab thickness, lack of rebar, insufficient supports or whatever. A Civil Engineer would need to review the design data to ascertain the point of failure.

  • Manufacturing Error

Was the concrete used to form the slab subject to a concrete slump test, i.e. Compressive Strength, Water Permeability etc


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