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I'm Fighting for YOUR Baht !!


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Thailand is a country of bargaining. Even in the US I bargain with everyone I can. A few have implied that being a prostitute is demeaning. Is being a plumber demeaning? I mean it's a shitty job that a lot of people don't want to do. I am bargaining with my plumber in America over a sewer line right now. Is this degrading to him?




Being a prostitute is something most of the girls that I know choose freely and enthusiastically to do. (And of course our PC set will say "Impossible!") What bums them out is not having a man to go with, but not going with men.




There are people on the board who have more money than they know what to do with, especially in Thailand. You are free to do whatever you wish of course. That's what rich people do.




But there are those of us who: (1) Stay here on a limited budget and need to stretch as much as we can. (2) And people like me who like a challenge. It is more fun to have the balls, when she says, "500" to say "300." See what happens. No go? End up at 400? Mai pen rai.




We always part on good terms and 90% of the time the girls are happy to see me come back.

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You make good points, but to me, and this is just to me, bargaining about replacing a sewer liner and how much I am going to pay for sex are somewhat different. There just seems to be some sort of intimacy in the sex that is missing from the plumber. Maybe I should get the phone number of your plumber.






To be honest, I am probably pulling you guys' chain a little bit. Trying to get you step back and actually read what have written.





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"There just seems to be some sort of intimacy in the sex that is missing from the plumber"




Very funny...but I do think that the "act" as viewed by the average pro is not an act of intimacy at all. In fact, we often say that having sex to these girls is about like us making a piece of toast in the morning!!!


....and about my comparison with buying a car. Just because you bargain hard to get the car at a good price does not keep you from taking care of the car and enjoying it!!!!



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>Not trying to "pull rank." just making a point that visitors drive the price up for residents. As you must know,once a girl gets 2000 she thinks the snut is worth that from now on. Many would rather starve than go for less!!!!




What a load of old, tired cr@p.




1. I know *long* term residents who pay *way* over the odds, just because its their money and they get tired of people like you telling them what they "should" pay.




2. The one thing that a bar girl knows is what the market will bear. Hence the perpetual screwing of "fresh of the plane" tourists (in a financial sense) and the fact that residents pay 1/4 (or less) of that.




3. *Every* bar girl knows that a resident is a potential repeat customer, and hence they are *much* more flexible on "price"




If a bar girl is giving you crap over the price in light of 1, 2 and 3 above, it says more about you than about them.





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You are right to fight for your baht. In a country where the average daily wage is around 160 baht I think 1000 for all night is fair






I understand the basis for your argument but unfortunately it doesn't hold a drop of water. The minimum wage is not an indication of what it costs to live.




The minimum wage in the USA is $5.15 an hour and I wiould challenge you to find someone who has a decent standard of living in a metropolitan area or resort area on that wage. Keep in mind that the wage is also taxed. I would also stipulate that teenagers living with their parents do not count.




I seriously wonder about the process of thinking that some use when justifying what to pay others based on the "minimum wage"


Could you survive on the minimum wage?




I would think that the logical thought process to pay a girl should be based on prevailing "market rates" and your personal satisfaction not "the minimum wage"

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