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Phuket Going Down The Toilet For Family Tourists?

My Cow Jai

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[color:"red"]For all the posters that are bemoaning this AWFUL commercialisation stop being so selfish, do you not want them to have the same infrastructure as we do in the west, with safe water and ATM's do you not, what do you want, poverty for the Thai people, is that what you want.


You sound like a lot of the (scum) that inhabit Kao San road looking for that pooor people experience, wanting above all else to be a real novelty, and getting pissed off when you are just another bod.[/color]


Well, I happen to know a few small scale beaches in Holland and Germany and montain villages in Italy and Austria, and God forgotten villages in the middle of France, Portugal and Spain where life has no comparaison with the Kao San scum as you tent to classify me into. Btw, Thailand also has some places like theones I mentionned, where I happen to live. It is possible to develop tourism at a more human level, but this seems to be beyond your understanding. So please go and stay at places like Kuta, Pattaya and Phuket.



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I wasnt classifying you as Kao San road scum, I was pointing out that the Kao San road ( scum) peddle those same arguments, that is their currency, their stock in trade so to speak.


Just as a cockroach survives off crums, those Kao San road survive off a constant diet of clap trap about how awwwfully commercialised a place is getting.


The comment scum wasnt addressed at you at all, just vocalising my hatred of those Kao San road vermin, I really do despise them.



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P4P scene in Phuket was a lot better and cheaper 5 years ago. Back then, hardly ever came across a hotel that would not allow an overnight guest or charge extra. There also were a lot more beer bars in Patong, Karon, and Kata back then. Only a few Go-Go bars left in Patong I hear. If anything, Phuket is becoming more family oriented. It's a shame the Shark Club is not around anymore. That was one of my favorite discos. Prices for hotels and tuk tuks are outrageous. It's not like the hotels are better than say Pattaya. The locals are just plain greedy. If you put the Apex Hotel(500 bht/nght) in Patttaya in Patong, a room would probably cost you 2,000 bht/nght. And you can forget about getting an 85 bht all you can eat breakfast.

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'Just as a cockroach survives off crums, those Kao San road survive off a constant diet of clap trap about how awwwfully commercialised a place is getting'.


And yet they spend most of their time sitting in a bar watching videos.


Ok I don't want to take this post off on a tangent, but the Koh San road clan get to me too. Phuket must have changed since I was last there, because I really enjoyed myself both in Patong and Phuket Town and didn't really get hassled besides the usual from the ladies. The hassle can get to you in some of the tourist places, but alot of these people are only trying to make a living. I personally don't care if couples go to Thailand or not and besides there are still places you can go to that are unspoilt. I spent some time on Samet with my girlfiend and we had a fantastic time. Its a national park so cannot become any more developed. Although I have not been there I understand that Koh Lanta must be very similar.

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When was the last time any of you detractors of the people who go to KSR went there. I was first there 17 years ago and again 8 years back when I moved to Thailand. Some of them have there heads up their arses but so do some on this board. (not intended at anyone specific) The majority arer no different to the average on this board. Backpackers pave the way for the average tourist or need I say the average guy on this board.

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Let's make something straight here.

The same way we say you are what you eat I can say you will have the trip that [color:"red"]you[/color] make of it.

Everybody who complain about the touts on Thawiwong Road (Beach Road) in Patong I have a question for you, why are you all going there every night?

Each time I go there, every night it's full of tourists mainly family and couple.


Let me make a other point here, Patong is not Phuket, Patong is only one town on the island.


The Bangla road case, it's a part of the redlight of Patong where you can see a lot of single man in bars with the ladies of the night but what I saw on the sidewalk are tourists mainly couples who go there to do a little lurking, a other question here, if you don't like what you see there why do you go there every night?


On Bangla Road there is a soi with only katoeys (someone know the name) and every night in high season it's full of tourists there and you better to go there early if you want to have a place to sit, the people you will see there are not the single guys of this board but mainly couples, why are you going there in such large group if you don't like to see this shameful redlight?


There is also a place outside downtown Patong who is call Simon Cabaret (don't know the exact location) where you can

go see a big cabaret show of katoeys and transvestites, every night it's full of tourists mainly couples who are going there to see the show, why a lot of people want to put down Thailand because it's a sexe destination but at the same time those kind of people can tell you they had been to every of those places?


Every one is for the virtue but what I saw in Thailand is a lot of those people are clearly hypocrite because everynight you can see them lurking at those infamous places.


Just my 2 bht......


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I spent some time on Samet with my girlfiend and we had a fantastic time. Its a national park so cannot become any more developed.

If only!!!

I first went to Koh Samet in the 1980s, it was a national park then and it has developed quite a bit since then.

I went to Koh Lanta in 1995, some development going on, but still very green and quiet. I wonder what its like now?


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PHUKET: Phuket has proven to be the country?s leading tourism destination with the announcement of two national Tourism Awards and six Tourist Guide Awards going to the province.


Laguna Phuket took the Best Tourist Resort Accommodation Outstanding Performance Award 2002 while Phuket FantaSea received the Best Attraction Award 2002.


Phuket?s Paitoon Monpanthong proved to be a star guide for the province by snaring three Tourist Guide Awards: the Award for Excellence, Award for Outstanding Performance - Southern Thailand, and the Foreign Language Award for French.


Three other tour guides from Phuket ? Nantawan Sriputtha, Supinya Dipa and Supachai Wattanaprintorn ? each won a Foreign Language Award for German, Italian and Japanese, respectively.


All of the winners were selected by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.


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Re the "ordinary" tourists visiting sleazy places I agree. I know of one old bird here in the UK, knocking on 60. She's going to LOS for the first time in a few weeks. She'll be staying in Bkk for the first few nights before going onto Phuket. She mentioned to me where she was staying, down Soi 22 off Sukh Rd, i.e. not far from Soi Cowboy.


I gently skirted around the issue of go-go bars pointing out that she can get on the BTS to visit the shops, or pop into the local upmarket shopping malls etc. Extolled the virtues of Jim Thommo's silk gaffe, told her that she can go to the weekend market for bargains etc. And do you know, all she wanted to know was how far she was from Patpong. Well, then I told her that she doesn't need to go that far but just down to Asoke corner and onto Cowboy if she's looking for some honest-to-goodness filth. She is absolutely thrilled about it. Some of these respectable looking couples/oldies are real ravers underneath it all.

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