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README (21/12/02)


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If you are new to this forum, or have never done so please read the FAQ for this forum. You can find it below.


Please remember by posting here we assume you have read and understand both the nanaplaza.com FAQ and the MiniFAQ for the Technology forum. There are some areas were posts in this forum overlap with the subject matter from other forums.


Questions related to where to buy and how much something costs should be posted in shopping.


Questions, comments and problems in regard to accessing Nanaplaza.com will be more quickly answered in the suggestions forum.


If your post no longer exists in this forum it was either moved to the apropriate forum or deleted because you broke a rule about flaming trolling or software piracy. I am not in the habit of sending out PMs when I move or delete a post. So if your post has vanished, reread the FAQ and ask yourself before taking the trouble to ask me.


Please be sure to read the old posts, you can almost be certain that a question about cell phones or laptop voltage compatability has been asked before. In the instance were the question has been asked but not answered to your satisfaction post your thoughts to the origanal thread rather than starting a new one. This will make any usefull information in this forum more easily found. In fact people might be reluctant to participate in new discussions that have been talked out, but may be eager to light up a dormant topic that has been posted to again after weeks or months of neglect. Before posting use the search feature, or look at the most vital threads in the forum.



These are the most visited threads:





Here are the threads with the most posts





A note about aesthetics. I am a very permissive person in fact I was complemented by a shopkeeper last week for allowing my daughter of three years to speak like a sailor. Nonetheless in internet forums many people find excessive use of caps, exclamation points and @$%%! explatives to be offensive. Use these decorations sparingly and you will be praised for your range of expression. Use them in abundance and you will be under scrutiny.



Anticipating a change in the layout of FAQs @ nanaplaza.com I have posted the MiniFAQ here. Some time in the future these rules will supercede the MiniFAQ linked above. For the present the are the same.




Moderator: Adik Gede


These are the general guidelines for health and happiness in this folder --


1) What is on-topic?


Discussions about your personal computer hardware & software and computer networks, phones [cellular and traditional] and telecom networks, phone cards and internet phone services, digital and conventional cameras, your sewing machine, your motorbike... If it whirs, buzzes or blinks, post about it here!


How-to's are particularly welcome, including workarounds for oddities you encounter in Thailand.


Posts regarding where to get gear, supplies, software or services in Thailand and how much to pay are also encouraged welcome.


Links to useful or interesting technology resources. [Put other links in the folder where they are most appropriate.]


Discussions about electronic games, within reason. [There are other boards for this kind of thing, but if you desperately need to know whether to use the heat-seeking missile or the grenade launcher at the end of level two of "Plazatron", go ahead.]


2) What is off-topic?


Dont use this forum to trade information about the availabilty of pirated software, or to ask for help with some pirated software you purchased on holiday.


Anything prohibited by the general rules of the board as a whole.


While attachments are disabled, no worries about distributing "warez" & "crackz" -- such software wouldn't be permitted. Do not post serial numbers or registration codes of software.


Matters relating to the operation of the Nanaplaza.Com site or board as a whole. These should go in the Nanaplaza.com > Suggestions folder or be directed to the Administrator.


3) General Rules

Be nice. Don't flame.


Consider your language: do you know something to be a fact or is it just your opinion? This matters a great deal in "tech" because a wrong opinion presented as a fact could lead someone to damage their gear. If you're going to give advice, make sure you're mouth doesn't get too far out in front of your expertise, and please test your proposed solution before posting it.


Try to help the other guy, if you can. What goes down, comes around -- trite but true.


4) Moderation Policy.


If I remove your post it is because you broke the rules or you did not follow my advice before making a new thread.




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As is mentioned above please read the old threads before making a new post on an old topic. Freshening up an old thread, rather than starting yet another thread on an old topic, will make it easier for newbians to find the info they are looking for. To make it easier go to this page* and search a relevent word by entering it in the search field at the lower right hand corner of the page.





*This is just the regular forum index formatted to show all dates.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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