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Read any good books lately?


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Says Pharcyde:

I have read a good book, it is from the italian author Tiziano Terzani. In english it is called "a fortune teller told me".



I agree this is a worthwhile read. I met Tiziano a few times in Hong Kong in the early 90's and he is a fascinating chap who has been in Asia for decades and got loads of stories to tell.

I love the way he calls all women "girls". Totally un-PC.


He also wrote a book called Siagon 1975 about when he stayed on in Vietnam after the US pulled out and the commies took over.


Had a damm attractive daughter I recall.


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Just got A fortune teller told me today. Made a request a few days ago and today they called me already. Thumbs up for Bookazine.




do you happen to know the name of the book about Saigon/Nam in 75.

In a fortune teller told me they only list one othr book as written by him, about Russia.






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Its just called "Saigon 1975" and "Three Days and Three Months" is the sub-title. Published in 1976 in Italian but was translated some years later into English and published by White Lotus. Sometimes you can find a copy locally if you look around.


I also read "Goodnight Mister Lenin" which is an account of the break up of the Soviet Union and his travels around Central Asia. I was living in Uzbekistan at the time so I could easily relate to it.


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