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Today, 13:31

All joking aside.  If you're prepared to throw your life away - can't you do it pursuing something more noble - like I don't know - maybe going in to Myanmar to get news out of the genocide going on there?  Or infiltrating the human slavery networks in the golden triangle.  I mean sweet Jesus, to die what will inevitably be a violent death defending being overcharged by a couple of dollars just completely boggles my mind.

In Topic: New Zealands 'nightmare' Exit From World Cup

Today, 10:51

It's such a shame too.  I've had several Kiwis work for me, and they tend be smart, resourceful, hard working.  But then once the pressure is on they do this funny thing which I have great difficulty understanding - they'll get flustered, forget the simplest most rudimentary things.  You could say to the guy look just pick up the ball and run down the paddock like you did so well last week, and he'll be like, 'what's a ball?'.

All eyes go to the All blacks who must be feeling the pressure as they face a nothing to lose reinvigorated Scotland side that would think nothing of trouncing them while they fumble for the ball like a rat caught in the headlights of a Scottish terrier driving a B-Double truck with racing stripes.  Game on!

In Topic: New Zealands 'nightmare' Exit From World Cup

Today, 10:10

As a senior editor at Wikipedia I might finally get around to updating this page:


Apparently the technical term is "analysis paralysis" which sounds very Kiwi like.

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Today, 02:36

I'm more an ideas man than a writer.  I'd rather tell someone to go write a piece on this or that.  But I'm always disappointed.

With regards the book once again your advice to employ the services of a properly qualified proof reader is wise counsel.  I might also retain the services of a cultural director and a security detail whilst I'm at it - I mean that is if I wasn't in the preposterous position of just replying to a post on a largely anonymous internet board.  [Sarcasm & Joke]

Well that's good - I mean it was a bit unrealistic to expect Thai360 to jolt my memory.  I'm going to have to recreate that night in fastidious detail to attempt to remember the last two sins.  Something which in itself represents quite a challenge because whilst there was a clear starting point and ending point - the rest is well... a dark sub-soi they didn't bother to name on the infamous Nana boulevard. [noir lighting tres bien]

In Topic: The Seven Deadly Sins - A Hangover Cure

Yesterday, 21:35

Allow me to give you a salutary lesson.