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Super-Girl A Gogo - Pattaya, Diamond Plaza

10 January 2018 - 19:48

SUPER-GIRL a gogo  -  Pattaya  -  Diamond Plaza

This GoGo deserves its own chapter, theme!

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It's on Diamond Plaza. Coming from WS, enter Diamond Plaza; the Super Girl is in the back left; the last bar.
There are about 20 to 26 girls, as the case may be. Many very pretty, very attractive among them.
The guests are mostly Asian, mainly Japanese, and a few Koreans, as I could see. Sometimes a group of Chinese package tourists enter the gogo.
But after about 30 minutes - after one drink - they go.
Of course, a few Farlangs, but often a minority.
This Gogo is the best visited bar in the Soi Diamond. The other gogos are almost always dead boring.
The girls in SUPER-GIRL are great, most of them are lively, the atmosphere is usually - as I should say - relaxed.

The drinks:
there's a draught beer for 69 Baht. Recommendable.
Lady Drink 150 Baht.
800 Baht / 1600 Baht = this refers to shorttime and longtime.
In addition: 1600 Baht before midnight for LT and 800 Baht after midnight LT.
My opinion: quite steep.

The girls want 3000 longtime.
But they are also available for 2500 and 2000. (I know what I am talking about).
The girls dance in 2 or 3 shifts. One shift is naked. The others are dancing in a bikini.
This gogo can not only be reached via Diamond Plaza, but it also has a second entrance, a rear entrance, so to speak;
it is located on the Soi 15, coming from WS, after about 70 m on the right.
I think this gogo is a real alternative to the overpriced gogos along Walking Street and Soi 15!
The girls are wonderful.
Only the barfine is a cheek.

Pattaya March 2017 - Experiences - Adventures - Impressions

10 January 2018 - 17:36

Preface 1:

This season I can't get to LOS (winter 2018).
I'm under medical treatment. There are lengthy and difficult investigations. My doctors advised me not flying to SEA in the winter months.
We have to wait for the results of the heart, blood pressure and circulation tests. The doctors want to develop an effective therapy against my unsteady restless circulation.
I also went to the dentist for urgent "repair works". My health insurance does not cover all costs for my cardiovascular examinations and dental treatment.
I have about 3000 Euro extra payments to make. 3000 Euro is a good pocket money on top for 3 weeks Pattaya.
Okay. That's the way it is.
The weather has been horrible in Germany for weeks. Dark, grey clouds, hardly any sunshine, temperatures between -2 to +6 degrees.

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Snow is only available in the German mountain ranges above 600m and in the Alps. In addition, we have in these weeks
the longest period of darkness and only about 8 hours of daylight.
Yes, yes, I'd like to come, but I can't.
Next year, next season; I promise!
Now I have a lot of time to write trip reports ...

to be continued

Pattaya Is Drowning In The Rain

18 March 2017 - 07:35

This is a re-translation from my Germen text, I wrote for a German board.

Pattaya in March 2017 - Saturday, March 18, 2017.

We wanted to go to the beach at Beach road between Soi 7 and Soi 8 this morning.
However: it began absolutely bucketing down .
Again and again lighter rainfall and short showers.
Now - it is around 2 o'clock pm. - still thick gray clouds and from time to time a few rain drops.

It is obviously you cannot rely on the weather here no more.
The rule of thumb states: from November to April approximately dryness, followed by the rainy season the end of October.
This rule no longer seems to apply. This rule seems to be out of force.  Do you understand my poor English?
I remember the first half of January 2017.
The entire south drained in the rain,

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Here is a picture showing the area of Surat Thani.

South of Hua Hin, an important bridge has been partially rinsed, and almost all traffic, including the train, has been interrupted for several days.
These weather instabilities seem to concern only the parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia, which lie directly on the water, on the seas. So on the Gulf as well as on the Andaman Sea. On the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

There seems to be stable weather for the entire mainland as before.

I do not spend time with my girl as planned on the beach, but in the restaurant of our hotel.

Attached File  Lady Nuang radiert - DSC00466.jpg   126.65K   1 downloads
Khun Sanuk, Marcel, are you satisfies with my rubber skils?

Right now it is clear again and the sun shines again - 14.15 pm.

Bakwahn - Nasiadai

In Pattaya - 18. March 2017

17 March 2017 - 21:58

I am back from Yangon, Burma.

Tonight - Saturday 18. March 2017 - I'll have a beer in Secrets, Pattaya, Walking Street, Soi 14.

Is anyone interested? Around 6.30 pm.

Nasiadai  Bakwahn

I'am Back In Sin-City - Pattaya

18 February 2017 - 07:30

I have been several weeks in Laos - Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang etc.

Took the night train from Nong Khai to Krung Thep and arrived at Hualampong this morning (14.2.2017) at 6 am.
A Thai friend - the F5-Pilot - was waiting for me and we went to Lam Luk Ka (north of Bangkok) where we spent several hours together in the house of our common friend, the pilot of The Royal Thai Airways, who has arrived with his plane from Frankfurt the night before.
Chatting, laughing, drinking away the morning hours. Great time.
We talken in German and Thai, by the way.

Then we left our common buddy and drove to Pattaya.
Arrived around 2.30 afternoon, checked in our hotel Second Road on the level of Soi 7.
Afterwards we took the Bahtbus to Soi 6.
Nothing special, very quiet. Many girls, hardly any customers.
My Soi 6 girls  - they all seem to be no longer there. What a pity!

We left Soi 6 and strolled the beach promenade up to height Soi 7.
It was wonderful. A light onshore wind brought some cooling.
I enjoyed every step and breathed the sea air with great pleasure.
There was not much going on on the deckchairs.
My impression: for the high season not many tourists.

We returned to our hotel through Soi 7 and took a nap. We have been very tired.
Now – 8 pm evening we start our barhopping.
Girls – we are coming! That is a promise and a threat at the same time 55555555

live from Pattaya – 14. February 2017 – 8 pm
Nasiadai  -  Bakwahn