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Yesterday, 21:36

Trump's Twatter feed is very entertaining.

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-Rosenstein, a Republican nominated by two GOP Presidents

-Wray, a Republican who gave over $37k exclusively to GOP candidates

-Mueller, a Republican & veteran

so, all the republicans investigating Trumperbelle

In Topic: Bakwahn And The Mermaid Of Songkhla

Yesterday, 19:20

I've always wanted to see the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, and now I know there's one in Songhkla, i wanna see that one too.

Charly, sorry to hear about you suspected 2nd stroke, I hope you are feeling better.

When I had my stroke the worst thing about it was lying on the floor, helpless, like a drunken mermaid out of water. Thankfully I am 99% better now, I hope you will improve too.

By the way, I don't know what medicines you are on, but just by way of information, I'm on Dabigatran which keeps me happily spinning along.

Maybe something to mention to your doctors next time you see them.


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Yesterday, 19:08

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Yesterday, 19:07

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No Donald, you can't call them Fake Memos, if they didn't exist or they weren't contemporaneous (big word, look it up in a booktionary) maybe, but as they are contemporaneous, they look to be real.

BTW you ranting and spitting tacks about them, engender them with validity.

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John Miller and John Barron, are they you being Fake?

In Topic: Usa Thread

Yesterday, 19:02

1,000 page and 9,990 replies to this topic, well done Yankee Doodles.....