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Safety Box In Bangkok

11 December 2017 - 17:00

Gentlemen ,

recently I have been carrying more and more equipment which I need for my visits to China and do not want to take home and bring back next visit . Is there a company in BKK that offers safety boxes and where there is a fair chance that they survive for the foreseeable future ?

Thank you and kind regards from


Just spent a week in Krungthep I could die for. Holy Lord in heaven .

Motorcycle : How Dangerous ?

01 March 2017 - 10:50

Gentlemen ,

in a recent discussion about how many BTS trains you have to let pass in the morning I suggested our Great Leader Khunsanuk to use a scooter or motorcycle to avoid the queues . Leader Khunsanuk strictly rejected my constructive suggestion by claiming motorcycle too mut dangerous .

I have to admit that motorcycles in the meantime have become my favorite transportation device in the big city although not for countrywide trips , I only use them for Sukhumvit-related jouneys and getting in and out of the sois . I do not have any statistics to use but my personal feeling is not that I am taking a major risk .  I am an ex tuktuk-man but they really have become a pest by asking 200 Baht for a trip round the corner .

Over to you for further instructions .

Woman Distracted By Watching Smartphone

18 July 2016 - 19:58

Gentlemen ,

posting this under social issues due to possible imminent wordwide epidemic spreading : driving in my motorcar today through the city of Cologne I watched a young lady of probably only 16 years of age staring at her smartphone while scratching her snatch for an estimated  15 seconds . What might she have been looking at ? Pictures of Flashermac in his tight swimsuit , Beloved Leader Khunsanuk at a Dutch nudist beach ? We dont´t know .

Your opinion  most welcome .

Who Is Jonas ?

07 June 2016 - 03:13


I woke up just recently due to noise from the TV and found a person , female, stretched out on the sofa watching a guy interviewed whose name according the person on the sofa is " Jonas " . The guy spoke Thai in perfection as far as I can judge and according to sofa is even German and SUPERSTAR .

I would feel particularly honoured about fellow countrymen advancing to Thai Superstars in such a demanding cultural ambience . Any further clarification would be welcome .

We now go hab breakfast at Viva Soi 10 as previously mentioned and I shall have another final go at my 50/50 ham/Salami dream .

Over to you

Homeless German Quality Tourist In Legal Dispute With Thai-Massage Shop

05 June 2016 - 08:02

Gentlemen ,

I wish to bring this matter to your esteemed attention after I found out that management and staff of Lollipop Bar Soi 10 fully share my view of what happened on last Thursday 1st of June deep inside Soi 11 and what I consider as another major setback on incoming tourist-traffic from abroad .

As follows:

I landed at 07:18 sharp , took a taxi and it started raining like silly . Which made the ride last 2 hours to aforementioned Soi 11 . I had been on the road for about 19 hours , smelling like a pig and very very keen on taking a shower . Only to find out that the hotel was fully booked and no room before 12:00 . No good .

In deepest depression I stumbled back to Sukhumvit , crossed selfsame and entered Viva restaurant for breakfast where I spend the next hour eating and trying to make the waitress produce one single smile . The latter without success . There are plenty of massage shops around Viva and whilst chewing their home made Chiabatta an excellent idea started to develop deep within myself : instead of wasting more time without use I would go into a massage shop close to the hotel , could take a free shower this elegant way and of course a massage under strictly medicinal aspects .

1 hour oil massage 600 Baht we agreed about and I wish to insist I had absolutely  nothing but a clean massage on my mind ; Thai massage , please note , is 400 Baht only .

Unfortunately , gentlemen  , unfortunately Mademoiselle Nen from Buriram had obviously got about the job with an entirely different concept and even before the 1 hour oil massage was over we were in full swing deepening the German / Buriram international friendship so to say . What a difference a shower could make .

To my surprise 2 hours were over when I said goodbye to Miss Nen and through my tears asked for her mobile number in case I need a shower again later in my life .

Checkbin .

1200 Baht said this rotten subject of an overweight mamasan and I said for what . She said for 2 hour oil massage . I said is fine for 1 hour because both parties had agreed to that but hour number two only with some phantasy could even be called Thai massage so I owe her 1000 Baht . I am as such not a stingy person , the taxidriver for example received almost 180 Bht change as tip because he used the meter without yelling at him and had no nice lady happy hour or a diamond factory on offer . But my sense for justice is highly developed and therefore I was upset . At the end of the discussion I paid 1200 and left .

I am asking the legal expertise of the joint board if I was right or did try to  hurt Thai law in no insignificant way . My soul found piece in the meantime because I invited Miss Nen already to meet in the hotel thus avoiding paying the fat mamasan-monster any money at all .

Over to you