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Water Buffaloes Block Autobahn

14 May 2018 - 08:37


I wish to report that late last night 5 units of possibly Thai origin  water buffaloes left their allocated open air premises near Leverkusen / Germany and assembled on the nearby Autobahn A3 between Cologne and Duesseldorf . Buddha in his eternal grace saved them from being hit by trucks and other high speed objects. Speed limit in the area is 130 km/h .

The event lead into a 15 km traffic jam.The nimals in the meantime have been drugged by repeated gunfire fom local forces and moved away by heavy equipment back to where they came from. Personally, I am extremely pleased to note increasing  influx of Isaan related habits which were so far limited to hords of overaged prostitutes all over the place. Maybe innovative thinking might soon establish the Cologne Rocket Festival, that would be really great. I would go there.

Safety Box In Bangkok

11 December 2017 - 17:00

Gentlemen ,

recently I have been carrying more and more equipment which I need for my visits to China and do not want to take home and bring back next visit . Is there a company in BKK that offers safety boxes and where there is a fair chance that they survive for the foreseeable future ?

Thank you and kind regards from


Just spent a week in Krungthep I could die for. Holy Lord in heaven .

Motorcycle : How Dangerous ?

01 March 2017 - 10:50

Gentlemen ,

in a recent discussion about how many BTS trains you have to let pass in the morning I suggested our Great Leader Khunsanuk to use a scooter or motorcycle to avoid the queues . Leader Khunsanuk strictly rejected my constructive suggestion by claiming motorcycle too mut dangerous .

I have to admit that motorcycles in the meantime have become my favorite transportation device in the big city although not for countrywide trips , I only use them for Sukhumvit-related jouneys and getting in and out of the sois . I do not have any statistics to use but my personal feeling is not that I am taking a major risk .  I am an ex tuktuk-man but they really have become a pest by asking 200 Baht for a trip round the corner .

Over to you for further instructions .

Woman Distracted By Watching Smartphone

18 July 2016 - 19:58

Gentlemen ,

posting this under social issues due to possible imminent wordwide epidemic spreading : driving in my motorcar today through the city of Cologne I watched a young lady of probably only 16 years of age staring at her smartphone while scratching her snatch for an estimated  15 seconds . What might she have been looking at ? Pictures of Flashermac in his tight swimsuit , Beloved Leader Khunsanuk at a Dutch nudist beach ? We dont´t know .

Your opinion  most welcome .

Who Is Jonas ?

07 June 2016 - 03:13


I woke up just recently due to noise from the TV and found a person , female, stretched out on the sofa watching a guy interviewed whose name according the person on the sofa is " Jonas " . The guy spoke Thai in perfection as far as I can judge and according to sofa is even German and SUPERSTAR .

I would feel particularly honoured about fellow countrymen advancing to Thai Superstars in such a demanding cultural ambience . Any further clarification would be welcome .

We now go hab breakfast at Viva Soi 10 as previously mentioned and I shall have another final go at my 50/50 ham/Salami dream .

Over to you