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24 December 2015 - 22:44

Ready to be laid

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Work will start soon on the first half of 1,200 kilometres of double-track railway lines in the East and Northeast, the SRT says.

author name/zappa-related topic rings a bell...

10 January 2009 - 06:47


fifth letter posted:

Cult vs religion

Re: Wolfgang Promchainun's letter regarding religion and Scientology (Postbag, Jan 9). As Frank Zappa once said, ''The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own.''


10,000 march on Prems house

22 July 2007 - 17:42

Protest has been going since 2pm when 10,000 marched to Prems house.  Now the crowd is at 2,000 and there has been a lot of debris thrown at the cops/soldiers by the crowd.  TITV has good live coverage now.
Protest at Prem's house

BangkokPost.com, dpa  

Thousands of anti-coup protesters on Sunday marched on the home of statesman Prem Tinsulanonda and demanded his resignation as president of the Privy Council.

About 10,000 members of the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) marched from Sanam Luang to Gen Prem's residence.

Minor violence erupted when police tried to block the marchers at the Makkhawan Bridge. Demonstrators threw assorted objects at some 2,000 police and security personnel and managed to remove some steel barricades before dumping them into a nearby canal.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt-Gen. Adisorn Nonsee said arrest warrants will be sought on Monday for eight core leaders of DAAD, based on existing photos and TV footage.

The protesters were met by pro-Prem supporters who had lined up outside his house. Both sides were sporting yellow shirts as supporters of His Majesty the King. There was no violence.

Gen Prem, a former army commander-in-chief who was prime minister between 1979 to 1988, has been accused by the DAAD as being the mastermind of the Sept 19 military coup that ousted former premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

The DAAD, a loose coalition of anti-coup groups, charged that Gen Prem abused his position at the Privy Council to interfere with Thai politics.

Speaking through loudspeakers on the back of a truck, DAAD core leader Veera Musikapong claimed that the protests will continue until Gen Prem resigns from his post. Realistically, that is unlikely to happen in the current political atmosphere.

Popular opinion continues to be divided on whether Mr Thaksin, who was prime minister from 2001 to 2006, was a benefit or a bane to Thailand's 75-year-old search for democracy, which has been derailed by numerous military coups.

The tension between the pro-Thaksin and anti-Thaksin camps is likely to intensify over coming months as Thailand gears up for a referendum on Aug 19 to decide the fate of the country's 18th constitution. A general election is expected to be held in either November or December, but that could depend on the constitutional referendum.

Besides staging anti-junta protests, the DAAD has also launched a campaign urging people to vote against the draft constitution written by a junta-appointed committee, arguing that it would weaken the political party system and grant amnesty to the coup makers.

"If we can get people to vote no that will mean there will be no more coups," said Sant Hatthirat, a pro-democracy activist and advisor to the DAAD.

The DAAD hopes Thailand will revert to the 1997 constitution, which was revoked by the junta when it staged the Sept 19 coup.

bangkok post story

Lean on tree Rest-Soi 18 & Sukh.

02 April 2007 - 02:53

I ate at this new restaurant this past weekend.  It is opposite the Rembrandt Hotel on Soi 18, about 200 meters from Suk on the right side.  It is open from 1200-2400 and they offer limited free parking spaces. They advertise a massage and spa which I didn't check out.
I was impressed with the environment of the restaurant.  It has a large outdoor seating area (40-50 seats)with a fountain in the center and has many, many trees with colored lights at night.  It was very hot that day in Bkk but there was a cool breeze running thru the outdoor seating area that kept it cool. I was told by the owners (an ex TG Stewardess and her Thai hubby) that the breeze is normal for that area.
There is also a separate A/C room with seating for about 20 or 30 cusotmers.  Everything is very clean (only open 2 months) and the staff was friendly and efficient.
Food prices were quite reasonable and the food (primarily Thai) was very good.  Price for bbq river prawns was 480 per kilo which I thought  reasonable for this area.  Soft shell crab was 180B. Duck breast was 220B. Among the appetizer were fish cakes (80B) and spring roll (60B).  Pad thai (50B), various spaghettis (90-120B) and salads (60-90B) were on offer.  They also serve chicken, fish beef, many over rice dishes (starting about 50B) none of which I tried.

Desert for out party included sticky rice and mango (60b) and Custard (60B). Not especially memorable, but adequate and reasonably priced.

Beer prices were fair: Singha lge (90B) and Heineken lge (95B). I think they had Leo and Chang for 60B and also served cocktails.

I liked the food and we had a nice leisurely dinner over a 90 minute period in nice surroundings. It was not crowded at all on Sunday night and most of the clientele I saw were farang who probably were visitors from the Rembrandt Hotel. If you want reservations you can call 02-258-1327.

It reminded me of the setting and food offered by "Just One" Restaurant which is off Sathorn on Jusmag Soi.  Lots of trees in an urban setting.  :thumbup:

Great hotel prices at Thai Hotel Discounts

13 March 2007 - 14:09

I just checked the Thai360.com accomodations board sponsor (Thai Hotel Discounts) website and found the prices to be great.

I was at the travel show at QSNCC last weekend and the THD prices even beat some of the deals offered there.

I will definitely use THD in the future for bookings.